1 Simple Trick To Significantly Improve Relationships With Everyone

The relationships that we build with the people around us are one of the biggest factors in deciding how happy and how successful we become in life.  Whether it's friends, family, colleagues, potential business partners or significant other, the more effective our communication, the better the world around us becomes.

Humans are seemingly programmed to get frustrated, agitated, and can frankly be quite rude at times when things do not go their way, and this annoyance can actually be hugely destructive both in the short and long term.

But something simple that can help release you from these negative emotional pulls is..."To Give Everyone A Pass".  Now in the heat of the moment, obviously it can be difficult to remain logical and completely rational.  We get overrun by the frustration that the other person is not giving us exactly what it is we are asking for.   By reiterating to yourself over and over again, that the other is doing the best they can at this very moment in time (you do not know what they've had to endure in their lives to this date that is making them react in a given way) it gives them the space to come towards your way of thinking at their own pace.  You obviously need to be careful not to be taken advantage of over the long term, so you should also ask yourself as time passes, whether you want or need this type of drama and emotion in your life, and if not, act accordingly.

Now I know some people will say something like "this shows weakness", or "why should I back down?".  But ask yourself these questions:

What would you want the other person to do if you were in their shoes?

Do you think that by you getting angry that you will get what you want?  

Has this worked for you in the past?

If it generally hasn't worked for you previously, then all you are doing with this wasted energy is making yourself stressed out (and still not getting what you want).  So by giving them a pass, not only do you benefit yourself in the way just mentioned, but you are also much more likely to have a fruitful relationship and achieve the outcome that you are aiming for.  

One of Steven Covey's 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People is, "seek first to understand, and then be understood".  So the better you understand someone else's point of view, the more likely they will understand you...thus enabling you to grow and succeed together.