Part 2 - A Quick & Easy Way To Gain AMAZING Self-Confidence Even In Hyper Stressful Situations

Following on from last week’s article, in part 2 I will be providing more tools and techniques on how to boost your self-confidence. This week I will be talking around a Ted Talk from well known psychologist, Amy Cuddy, as her research had led to some amazing outcomes, and her own personal story is both rather moving and inspiring.

We all pick up on other people’s body language, both on a conscious (aware) and subconscious (unaware) level. It is often easy to pick up on who the confident people by the way they hold themselves, sit, stand, walk, etc,

It has long been known that the way we feel (our minds) impacts our bodies and subsequently our behaviour. But can our bodies change our minds?

Amy’s research explored this extensively. By employing NON VERBAL power moves (opening up the body, arms, legs – making oneself big, taking up physical space), how does impact people physiologically and emotionally?

By separating research participants into two groups, with one performing high power poses (big, open, taking up space etc), and the other performing low power poses (closed, fiddling with face/hair/body, crossed arms/legs, hunched over etc), each for 2 minutes, the observed differences were incredible…

High Power Poses Vs Low Power Poses:-

Testosterone – the dominance hormone

20% increase vs 10% decrease --- a 30% swing in one’s ability to dominate/feel in control of a situation.

Cortisol – the stress hormone.

25% increase vs 15% decrease --- a 40% swing in one’s stress levels, which naturally impedes the ability to effectively navigate difficult scenarios. 

Now how absolutely amazing is that!? Our bodies change our minds –-- our minds change our behaviour –-- our behaviour changes our outcomes. Our non-verbals govern not only how others view and perceive us, but also how we think and feel about ourselves…this is KEY!

Every time you feel this way (positive, empowered, confident, etc), even if for a short while, you take a step closer to it becoming your new norm, If you practice it enough, it will become your new reality.

“Tiny tweaks can lead to BIG changes” – Amy Cuddy. This has had a big impact on my life…I hope it does in your life too.

Here is the full video from Amy.