2 Amazing Tools To Increase Your Productivity & Belief

When pursuing our dreams and desires, it is almost unheard of that people arrive at their end goal without having to overcome a great deal of adversity and many obstacles.  Success, in whatever field you operate, is not a straight line but rather series of actions and subsequent course corrections.  Here we can use an analogy of a rocket being sent to the moon - a vast distance has to be covered and given there are so many variables and possible unexpected occurrences, many adjustments to it’s path are required to get to it’s end destination.

The problem that many people face is that by not appreciating this reality (i.e. expecting success to be a one way, straight line journey) when challenges arise they view it as failure, rather than a necessary part of the process.

An interview of the incredibly successful Will Smith, gave some great information around the concept of “failing” – without failing and making mistakes you are unable to grow and will get stuck in your comfort zone. And without taking risks you will never achieve anything more than you currently have…”you can’t steal 2nd base with your foot still on 1st.”

I took away two beautiful quotes from Will’s discussion:

1)    “Fear is the killer of creativity”.

2)    “Fail often and fail forward”.

Take a moment to think about these comments, what they mean and how you can implement them into your life’s strategy.

A nice quote from Frederick Smith

A nice quote from Frederick Smith

So onto my tools for you...

Firstly, I challenge you to go out and research successful people whom you aspire to and discover for yourself just how rocky and difficult the journey was for them.  By doing so it will help you redefine your beliefs around success and perceived “failure”, as well as give you the space, and confidence to go out on your own path and make the mistakes necessary to learn the lessons you need to ultimately succeed.

To achieve and maintain the positive mindset that is a necessary prerequisite to achieve your dreams, it is an absolute must that you have the feeling of “winning” more than “losing”. 

A very powerful, yet simple technique to achieve this is to keep a mini-wins diary, which is my second tool. Ideally, make a note of all the things you achieve throughout each day (you can do at the end of each day but it can be easy to forget the details), no matter how big or small.  By doing so you will really start to become more aware of the ground you are covering and the progress you are making towards your ideal outcome.

I continuously use this technique and it has a hugely positive impact on my mindset, the way I view the world and how I go about taking action to make my dreams a reality.  I hope you find this post useful - I would love to hear how you find it and the impacts it has.

All the best, Dan