Why Making A Vision Board Could Be THE Most Important Thing You Do This Year

Often, a big part of why people don’t achieve what they want in life, is because they are not clear on exactly what THEY want, or WHY.

Ever noticed that once you’re aware of something (e.g. your pal just bought a blue Audi), you see blue Audi’s all the time?! This is the power of focused attention, and without this you probably would not have seen all of those blue motors zipping around, even though the opportunity to do so was there.

So…if we extend this onto things that we want to bring into our existence and make reality, doesn’t it make sense to be ABSOLUTELY clear on what you want?

Your mind is an incredibly powerful asset and it’s constantly working on solving the problems you put forth to it. Again, ever notice when you’ve forgotten what you were going to say, then seemingly out of nowhere 3 hours later it pops back into your head?! Your brain is constantly doing this for a multitude of tasks. And if you feed it with the right information, it can be whirring along in the background working on how to make your desires come true…but it needs a helping hand!

Some specifics, clarity and what you get from achieving (both emotionally/mentally and physically) it all go a long way. The more often it is fed this information, the more focused and efficient it becomes.

So, what’s the best way to achieve this? I’ve personally found vision boards to be an incredibly effective method. It also serves as inspiration and motivation, which can be hugely helpful, especially on those days that we all have where we wake up feeling tired, deflated or a bit negative…which happens to us all.

For those of you who have not heard of the term before, a vision board is a one stop shop for you to see your dream life, what it entails and why you want it. So here’s what I recommend…

1)   By a few sheets of coloured A3 paper.

2)   Go online and search for images of what it is you want to make a reality. Amass a folder full of these as these will serve to inspire you.

3)   Print them off and stick them onto your A3 sheets – keep them organized into sections, such as career, wealth, relationships etc.

4)   Write down in amongst the images why you want these things. Pride, sense of achievement, security for family, belief that can succeed in life, to inspire others, etc etc. The more detailed the better.

5)   Put them up somewhere that you can see and read every day. The more you review them, the better.

6)   Add, tweak or remove as necessary…our goals change as time passes and that’s ok. We are built to grow and evolve.

It’s worth being aware of how your energy, mood, motivation, excitement etc are all impacted. I guarantee this will have a huge impact on all of them!

Wishing you continued success in your life’s journey. Keep those stories coming in, I love hearing about people moving forward and creating a happier life for themselves.