1 Powerful Tool To Gain Clarity On Exactly What You Want

For some reason many people are very uncertain as to what they TRULY want in life. Maybe it’s the way our brains have been cleverly (and unknowingly at the time) re-wired to become more consumerist in the way we think. Perhaps it’s our constant comparisons to others, their lives and their possessions. Or it could well be the confusion that arises from the people in our lives (from a very young age) telling us what we should do, what is good for us, what will make us happy etc (usually because they care and want the best for us, not due to any maliciousness).  It could be a combination of all those things as well as some others too!

But ultimately we have one life (that we know of, but that’s another, potentially more controversial topic for the future) and it is down to us as INDIVIDUALS, and us alone to make sure we make the absolute most of it! We NEED to ensure we minimize any regrets we have.

So how should we go about cutting out all the noise (the crap other people tell you, that you should be/do/have)? One of my favourite personal development gurus, Tony Robbins, says this:

"Somebody should tell us right at the start of our lives that we're dying...then we might live life to the limit. Every minute of every day, whatever you want to do, do it now...there are only so many tomorrows". Apologies if this comes across as morbid, as it’s intended to have the exact opposite intention…to make us feel alive and to return control back into your own hands!

Many a time it's only when there is a fear of "finality" that we realise that we have much more control of our lives, as all the unimportant stuff falls away out of sight and we’re left with what ultimately drives us at the core!

So, if you were given a limited time to live…

-       What would you want to do?

-       What would you want to have?

-       Who would you want to be?

-       What would give you the greatest level of happiness?

-       What can you do now to go after your dreams and passions, instead of waiting?

Take some time to think deeply and properly about these questions. How do you feel after answering them? Have you gained some insight? Every single client I’ve asked to do this exercise has had some big breakthroughs, so I’m hopeful you will get great benefit from it too.

So what would I recommend doing now with this newfound information? Every day, week, month, make efforts to spend as much time as possible making this vision a reality. I all but guarantee that your quality of life and overall happiness will increase. All the best & bye for now!