The Surefire Method To Feel More Empowered, More Confident & More Alive!

What kind of "I AM" statements are coming out of your mouth? Just as importantly, what kind of "I AM" statements are being said within your mind via thoughts (the inner talk)? Are they positive and empowering, or are they negative, disempowering...and ultimately destructive?

Here's a few examples to get the juices flowing:

Are you saying and thinking things like - "I am confident", "I am worthy", "I am able", "I am attractive", "I am grateful", "I am skilful", "I am talented", I am good", "I am valuable".........vs:

Or more like - "I am so unattractive", "I am so overweight", "I am so slow", "I am not good enough to...", "I am a loser", "I am unable to...".

So many people are actually really unkind to themselves when it comes to the way they talk to and treat themselves. Would you go up to other people and criticise them? Highly unlikely! So why do we deem it OK to criticise ourselves? Every time a negative "I AM" comes out of our mouths or is thought internally, it has a bad impact on our our mental state...and a big problem is that saying (or thinking) it once doesn't seem or feel like a big deal. However over time, the more it's said and thought, it's basically a story we've told ourselves so much that we now believe it to be true (this is where limiting beliefs, fears and anxieties are often born). To be this harsh on ourselves is literally crushing the amazing ability we have to create pretty much any future we are ALL possible of creating for ourselves. I genuinely believe that the deep impact of this is massive!

Life has many challenges in it for us to navigate through and overcome, we really MUST NOT add to that by putting ourselves down, berating and diminishing ourselves. Never downsize or downplay abilities, achievements or successes - be proud of them and use them to fuel your growth and to reach the amazing potential that is within us all.


So, what's the technique to use? One of the official terms used is Daily Positive Affirmations. I challenge you to make a list of amazing, positive, inspiring and empowering "I AMs" (around 15-30)  and say them to yourself (ideally out loud) throughout the day. Try it now if you can (say them in your mind if you're unable to say out loud)...

 "I am talented", ""I am strong", "I am equipped", "I am resourceful", "I am skilful", "I am passionate", "I am motivated", "I am passionate", "I am prospersous", "I am beautiful", "I am confident", "I am worthy", "I am able", "I am attractive", "I am grateful", "I am talented", I am good", "I am valuable".

It's perfectly ok if you FEEL or DON'T BELIEVE them all to be true right now - simply by giving continued focus an attention to these phrases, over time, you will soon feel an internal shift and then begin to believe them all. The knock on effect of this on the way you feel about yourself, your wellbeing and subsequently, your newfound additional confidence can take you to new heights. Please do feel free to share with me, your wins and progress by using this as I would love to hear about it :-) My email is

Full Exercise:

Step 1 - What “I AMs” are coming out of your mouth or being said out loud and in your head to yourself? Take some time to list them into positive and negative ones.

Step 2 - Notice how each of them make you feel about yourself.

Step 3 - Now let’s flood your brain with wonderful, positive, empowering, confidence boosting "I AMs". Like the examples described and explained above, they don’t all have to be true right now…think about the I am’s that you would love to feel that are true. Add them to the positive list.

Step 4: Now read back all of the positive ones to yourself once or twice per day.

All the best, Dan