Happy New Year - Make 2018 One To Remember!

I’d like to wish you a happy new year! I hope 2017 was a great year for you, one that was filled with wonderful experiences and created many special memories. If this was the case, it is the prime opportunity to build on that positive momentum. If the year was a challenging one for you, then it is also the perfect opportunity to regroup, refocus and gain the clarity needed to shift your fortunes, in order to make 2018 a year to remember for the right reasons.

What many people do not realise is that success and true happiness in life do not stem from one big monumental event, but rather a series of many small events, wins, progresses, experiences, actions and learning from “mistakes” (in my opinion, people can only ever make mistake if they do not learn something from it…otherwise it is in actual fact, an opportunity for growth, development and learning). 

Getting the fundamentals right, whilst it may sound dull and unsexy, is a super important commonality that successful and happy people have. We are naturally wired, NOT to be happy, NOT to be successful (in modern terms of the definition), but rather we are wired to SURVIVE. That’s powerful information because is means we can not just “hope” to be happy and successful, keeping our fingers crossed that we will be “one of the lucky ones” who are. It’s actually down to us to work on becoming HAPPY and SUCCESSFUL…and every person has the ability within to make this their reality.

Positivity and happiness are skills and mind sets that can be learned and implemented. By getting your inner world (psychology) in the right place, it’s not a case if “IF I BECOME HAPPY & SUCCESSFUL”, but rather “WHEN”.


Knowing powerful teachings conceptually/intellectually is of course better than not knowing at all, however the big differences come when these teachings are implemented regularly so they become habit and part of our routine. We need to live and breath the techniques, not just know that they would benefit us if we did do them. 70-80% of success comes from the inner world (psychology), with a relatively small 20-30% coming from the outer world (the how, the mechanics). The inner world This is where things such as beliefs (both positive/empowering and negative/limiting), emotions, feelings, habits and patterns are created and stored. They dictate much of our outward, real world behaviour, however they are beneath the surface and the majority of people are unaware of the sheer power of their influence on us. The inner world, like pretty much everything in our lives, can be worked on and changed. As a coach I help people to improve in both areas. 

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Wishing you an amazing year ahead, Dan.