Amazing! Emotions Alter Water Molecules & Therefore Also Alter Human Composition

I found this video that is based on studies analysing the effect of human emotion on water molecules (bear in mind humans are composed of up to 60% water overall (including bones)). 

When subject to positive emotions (and words that invoke positive feelings) water molecules change into beautifully shaped structures. However when subject to negative emotions or words, the molecules morph into jarring, chaotic shapes.

I find this study absolutely fascinating! Given how much of our bodies are water, imagine just how massive the effect that being surrounded by and/or harbouring lots of negative thoughts and emotions can have on us! The sheer importance of managing the environments we surround ourselves with (including other people) and also managing our inner, psychological states, is monumentally huge. It is important (and also comforting) to know and remember that regardless of one’s current circumstances and situation, that there are an abundance of professionals out there who can help achieve amazing results in these areas.

Have a great day, Dan.