How To Supercharge Your Success By Overcoming Negative Self-Talk

One of the biggest issues people face when is comes to making continued progress in their lives is the negative self-talk that goes on inside their heads. We all have dreams, but the problem is that many a time they remain just a dream due to fear.

Fear of failure? Fear of success (how will people around me treat me if I succeed)? Fear of the unknown? Fear of judgment? The list goes on!

So what is it that enables some people to overcome these fears (trust me, every single person has had them at some point)? Ultimately it’s the inner voice inside your mind that holds an immense amount of power over you, and by learning to tame, then control and eventually master working together with your mind, we can unlock a huge resource that will enable us to achieve great things.

Now of course, this will take some time, discipline and thus a degree of motivation and passion to achieve as there is no quick fix. But it is totally worth the effort…trust me!

Can you remember the last time you wanted to do something but were stifled by something your mind told you?

-       Perhaps you saw someone you fancied in the street and wanted to go introduce yourself, but then told yourself something like “they probably wont fancy me”, or “what if they so no?”, or “I don’t know what I have to offer someone like that”.

-       Or wanted to change career path but heard things like “I don’t have the skills to move”, or “what if the new team don’t like me?”, or “what if the new job is more difficult?”.

-       Maybe you want to start your own business but the inner gremlin shouts “you don’t have the knowledge to do this”, or “what if people don’t take to my idea”, or “there is too much to handle”, or “financial insecurity is scary, don’t put yourself through it”.

Ultimately you do really have to want the thing you’re thinking of going for. If you do though, here’s the way to re-program your mind to enable you to develop incredible confidence and belief that will lead you to amazing successes.

Here’s the process…

Stage 1: Awareness – firstly you need to catch yourself thinking/saying these negative things to yourself. Initially it will be slow and infrequent (i.e. some may slip by you), but as you develop this skill you will catch yourself more and more. Make sure to write them down…every single one!

Stage 2: The Change – now you need to replace whatever the negative thought/chat is with something more empowering that serves to boost your confidence and self-belief. So on a separate piece of paper (or section if digital) write down a phrase that you can replace it with. For example - “financial insecurity is scary, don’t put yourself through it”, could become “whilst financial insecurity may be scary, many people succeed in business every day. There is no reason why I cannot be one of those people, and if so, I know I will be much happier for it”.

Stage 3: Implementation – there are 2 steps to this. Firstly, you will need to read your new list to yourself at least twice per day. And secondly, whenever you actually catch yourself saying those negative things in the moment, stop and repeat to yourself 5 times, your new, confidence boosting, life changing alternative phrase.

Notice how your feelings shift as time progresses – I guarantee you will love your progress. If you have any questions on this please just give me a shout. Good luck, and bye for now!