Those from all walks of life come to be coached - parents, CEOs, artists, shop assistants, doctors, lawyers, students, executives, managers, musicians...you name it and I guarantee people from almost all professions and backgrounds have experienced the benefits of coaching. The common denominators tend to be wanting more from life, they're willing to take ownership and responsibility for change/action, and are open to new ideas..."do what you've always done and you will get what you've always got".


This is very much down to the individual - the way I choose to view it is by benchmarking against other things you buy in your life. How much did you spend on holidays last year? On electronics? On socialising? On lawyers, estate agents, doctors, heating engineers when things go wrong? Etc etc. All of these things are in some way bought to make us feel better or fix something. Now how much do you think it's worth to achieve that goal you've always watned to? How much is it worth to be happier? More confident? Increase belief and self worth? Have a greater sense of achievement and satisfaction? Exhibit greater self awareness and appreciation? Have greater motivation in life? Posses higher levels of positivity? Feel more balanced? Look back on your life and think to yourself "I really made the most of it"? etc etc. Suddenly the mindset shifts from "this additional expense" to "I'm investing in myself and my future"...what is all of this worth to you?


I offer very competitive rates and my clients would agree (please see testimonials page) that it was a worthwhile investment. I don't like to be so crass as to put my rates online as I prefer to hear your situation first and discuss one to one how you personally stand to receive and benefit from embarking on the coaching journey - I honestly believe it's better this way and then you can decide if me being your coach is the right path forward. It also give me the opportunity to decide if the client is a good fit for me and my style - there are many types of people that I connect amazingly well with thus our relationships are very fruitful, but there are certain types of personality that would be better suited to another coach.


I coach people for a minimum of 12 sessions and recommend meeting at least fortnightly to build momentum, but monthly and ad-hoc can be done if this feels like a better fit for you...it's your call. Sessions last for 50-60 minutes each. It's important to know that I will also be aware of your progress and if I feel that you are no longer benefiting from our sessions, I will bring this to your attention and ask you if you're interests perhaps would be better served by moving on.


I offer Skype and telephone coaching. I also offer face to face though this is a premium services as travel and time is chargeable. During the session your location just needs to be free from distractions and comfy we can both focus but feel relaxed too. If you are unsure, give me a call and we can figure out a solution. I encourage lots of note taking throughout the sessions so please have a pen and some paper to hand.


Use the rocking chair test - fast forward to when you're in your rocking chair looking back on your life - how does it look or feel? Are there things you majorly wish you'd done differently or things missing you wished were there? If so, do you feel that you wished you'd made the time to invest in yourself and get your life on the path you desire? Knowing this - how much do you want to make the time to invest in yourself?


You can rest assured that a friendly person is waiting at the other end of the phone/email who is ready to support, encourage and motivate you to achieve a more fulfilled life. All our communication is 100% confidential, you will never be judged for what is said, am empathetic/sympathetic to your situations and am genuinely rooting for you to succeed. I'm completely aware that the people around us that we care for and respect (friends/family/teachers/colleagues etc) have an impact on our actions via their judgements (regardless of whether these judgements are intended to protect us or are for more selfish reasons) - I will help you to manage these judgements and to overcome them so they do not hinder you anymore. As I went through my coaching studies and began telling people about my endeavours, some people were blown away and were very supportive, some were not - so I know what it's like to go through these feelings and this experience will help you too.


Fuller details of the client/coach relationship can be found one the appropriately named link at the top right of the page. But at the core, I expect you to be committed to the process, answering questions with honesty, following through with set action points and to engage with me as much as possible. I want you to want to move forward in life and be committed to doing so – I really want to see positive change in people, thus if you do not feel this way you’ll be wasting both our time - this is not meant in a rude way, but rather just saying I want to help others and if you're not benefiting then we both have better ways of using our time.


Yes you will leave every sessions with action points and you should be committed to completing them. In addition to this, I may give you exercises to complete at home as Personal Development Work to assist with the process if I feel it will be beneficial...don't panic…they won't be too onerous :-) Historically, my clients really enjoy the exercises and usually find them very useful in their development journey.

A Brief Overview Of Coaching...

There are many varying definitions of what coaching is - The Coaching Academy, whom I trained and gained my qualifications with, define it as "getting from where you are to where you want to be, faster than if you worked alone". I like this as it's short, snappy and gets a big part of the message across - but there is another piece of the pie that is very important too...it's also about what you learn about yourself throughout the journey.

Whilst coaching is still a fairly new concept in the UK, it is growing rapidly after the discipline saw huge success in US and Australia...the phenomenal demand seen around the word today is expected to continue expanding. Coaching has a proven record in identifying the type of life you want, raising awareness around your situation (of what's important, skills, resources, potential challenges/obstacles, driving values and beliefs (both those which empower you and those which may hold you back)) and putting together a practical gameplan to ensure continued progression towards achieving your desired outcome. Over 90% of people spend more time planning a summer holiday than they do their lives...are you ready to invest time in you!?

What Can Hold Us Back?

There are many reasons why people do not set goals or do not achieve goals - do any of these ring a bell for you personally...?

* Not truly knowing "why" you want something - 90% of achieving most goals is about the "why", with only 10% related to the "how". Fear of success, fear of failure, fear of judgement.
* Goals out of alignment with values (internal conflict leads to inaction).
* Not realising how important and powerful goal setting is. * Trying to achieve a goal that's not yours (i.e. what someone else thinks you should be doing).
* Limiting beliefs! "I can't", "I shouldn't", "I'm too old", "I'm not creative", "It's too hard", "I've tried everything", "I don't deserve" etc.
* These beliefs are almost always never formed on real facts/evidence or the evidence is extremely out of date, thus they are simply the rules and restrictions we've built up in our own minds. * Procrastination.
* Other peoples negativity.
* Trying to stay within your comfort zone.
* Uncertain of what you want.
* Don't know where to start.
* "Not enough time".
* Previous disappointments.
* Laziness.
* Goal seems too big/too far away.

Coaching enables us to address any of the above and move past these sticking points. We then set excellent, well defined, SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, timeframe) goals which leads to greater success rates. As Steven Covey (author of 7 habits of highly effective people) says "Begin with the end in mind". Or as I like to say "You don't know what roads need to be taken if you don't know where you're going".

Additional Benefits Of Coaching...

* Helping you to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

* Got that “I’m stuck” feeling?! I can help you find clarity, purpose and focus.

* Achievement of a specific goal you have but are finding it difficult, feel lost or de-motivated.

* Help to change those limiting beliefs that can hold us back (I can’t, won’t, I shouldn’t etc).

* Feel like you’re life is out of balance? Coaching can help you analyse your life and appreciate where you need to be spending more time and energy.

* Increased sense of worth, belief and happiness.

* Developing greater self awareness, confidence and motivation.

* Encourages clients to think differently, have a more positive outlook and to become goal/solution orientated.

* Providing the opportunity and space to speak their mind, reflect, clarify and be truly listened to…not just heard.

* Prioritisation of the things most im portant to the individual – by ensuring the client is aware of their true values, this helps them to focus on the goals that matter…thus maximising performance and success.

* Raises awareness of skills clients have exhibited and help them to utilise them in other areas of life they had previously never considered (or never realised they even had).

* Brings greater clarity to complex situations, whilst helping clients to think things through and keep on track towards their desired goals.

* By encouraging and supporting the client to generate their own solutions to their goals, not only is this empowering but are also more likely to commit and follow through with actions plans.

* Methods assist with positive behavioural change that is a benefit that lasts beyond the end of the coaching contract.

* Improved performance in your area of focus will also spill over into other areas of your life.

* Ongoing support and encouragement - this is not just during the sessions like many coaches offer...I am available to answer questions and keep you on track and motivated between sessions too.

* Time and space to speak unconditionally and to not be judged. Also, I'm not giving you advice - I'm using skilful questioning techniques and coaching processes to lead you to your own answer and solutions that are a fit for YOUR life...after all, we're all different right!? So why would someone else's advice be right for you!?

What Coaching Is And Is Not...

* A special relationship between a professionally trained coach and a client.

* Coaches help people from all walks of life and each relationship is unique. In every case, the outcome is that each client is more focused on their objectives and achieves these faster than if they worked alone.

* Coaches work with clients around their desire to move forward in their lives and achieve goals/ambitions.

* A coach will encourage and support the client as they identify what it is they want - raising the clients AWARENESS of their own lives, skills, beliefs, values, and ensure RESPONSIBILITY of action points sits with the client which is very empowering.

* Sessions are concerned with the whole client and will work towards a specific goal.

* The client is the only expert who can recognize what is absolutely best for them. Coaches are experts in the coaching process.

* As a coach, I help you discover what your own personal "best“ in any given area might be and then to achieve it.

* Relationship will empower the client to take their own course of action.

* Non judgemental, non-critical and not advice giving.

* Challenge the client around their beliefs and helping them move past them so no longer feel held back.

* Focus on here and now to improve future possibilities – NOT perceived past failures!

* There are no wrong answers in coaching, just the client’s own, honest reflections.

* Every day we make choices to do or not do many things. These choices may range from profound to trivial and each one has an effect that makes our lives more fulfilling or less fulfilling, more balanced or less balanced.

* Life coaching helps you learn how to make choices that create an effective, balanced and fulfilling life.


* Giving advice.

* A magical remedy to issues/problems/goals - it requires commitment and action from the client.

Contrasting Approaches...


Generally work with people who have experienced a previous trauma or experience making life difficult. Will help the client to explore their past to uncover what is stopping them from moving forward.


Generally work with those who are experiencing significant distress which impacts their daily life. Will listen to the concerns and anxieties around the designated topic.


Generally to diagnose the problems someone is facing and recommend solutions to these challenges. Will give the client clear, logical advice about how best to achieve their desired outcome.


Generally work with people seeking direction from someone with experience/knowledge in a given area. Is likely to share their own experiences, offering tips and hints to help the client.

The Coaching Relationship, What To Expect...

Whatever the challenges you're going through at the moment, I believe that with some time, self analysis and effort, you will move to a happier, more confident place with greater clarity, achieving the things important to you.

Sessions are 100% confidential – I want you to feel as comfortable with me as possible as well as our relationship as client/coach. You have the freedom to open up and speak whatever is on your mind, whether it’s about you, our relationship or anything else.

Please could you kindly arrive/be available on time - I appreciate things get us caught up and will accommodate where possible but as I’m sure you’re aware, time is very valuable, so if I have scheduled meetings afterwards we will have to finish at the original time.

Bring a pen and notebook. I encourage you to take lots of notes, even if things don't appear to make sense at first - it's useful to have it written down and are more likely to take action.

Please ensure you have a space where you won't be distracted and are able to talk freely.

I will be asking you many open ended questions in order to help you to think about your life and actions currently, and to help you to view things from different perspectives thus opening up new realms of possibilities. We each view the world through a different lens, and the way we see things (our beliefs) can often hold us back if they’re limiting and not empowering. I will challenge these limiting beliefs that could be holding you back in achieving your goals, and help you to build new empowering beliefs to take forward.

I expect you to be committed to the process, answering questions with honesty, following through with set action points and to engage with me as much as possible. Basically I want you to want to move forward in life and be committed to doing so – I really want to see positive change in people, thus if you do not feel this way you’ll be wasting both our time.

Occasionally I will interrupt you to get you back on track – this is not me being rude, but rather to ensure the session is focused on the important points and you get value for time and money. My signals for interrupting are raising my hand and saying “can I just stop you there for a moment?”

I operate a “parking lot” – this is where I put anything that you or I feel is relevant and would possibly like to consider at a later stage, but not right now (e.g. another goal that pops up during a session or a limiting belief).

I may give you exercises to complete at home as Personal Development Work to assist with the process - please let me know if this will be an issue. Don't panic…they won't be too onerous :)

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