Full Product Suite (M8)

Full Product Suite (M8)



1) The BFE program is one of the best personal development products in the world and will be a truly life changing experience.

2) Recordings of all material from ALL PREVIOUS Sovereignty Live (5 day) & Influence Live (8 day) conferences.

3) Sovereignty Live is a 5-Day Live Event that builds off the principles in Beyond Freedom Evolution. It is held in exotic locations around the world and it attracts the best of the best.

Learn from and network with top leaders, million-dollar income earners and people who are exraordinarily successful in whatever they do. It has been said that if one cannot believe it, one cannot see or achieve it. Limiting beliefs are the primary hindrance that stands between a person and their goals.

Come to Sovereignty Live to uncover and release yourself from your limiting beliefs.

4) Influence Live is a 8-Day event that builds off the principles in Beyond Freedom Evolution. Influence Live focuses on the bigger picture of life.

It is all too easy to become overly focused on the details, methods and relationship issues while completely losing sight of the overall driving forces that encompass your life. Learn to create results on a higher level and maximise previously unexplored potential in today's ultra fast changing world. And, as the name suggests, learn the extent of your influence and how to align it with your vision.

Influence Live is always held at the most intriguing destinations and attracts the most dynamic people. Personal meetings are routinely arranged and many times these can be, aside from all else, worth the price of attendance.

5) Recordings of material from future Sovereignty Live and Influence Live events.


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