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8 Week Program
Is it time for you to take back control and transform your life!?  

Is it time for you to take back control and transform your life!?  



SAM J, U.S. – 

When I first spoke to Dan, my life was in complete disarray after my girlfriend on 5 years suddenly decided to break up with me...I felt like my whole world had been turned upside down and was completely lost!

Even after just one session together I started to feel the clouds above me lift as he helped me to become more aware of my positive qualities and got me clear on what my purpose in life was.  By doing this, my focus shifted from the past and my ex, to me and what I want, and need, to achieve.  I'm so glad I signed up for Dan's coaching program - he is both a caring and passionate guy, who also has some amazing techniques and teachings to help people get over rough breakups.  Big thanks man! 



Well thank goodness I found Dan and decided to give his breakup program a shot!  Such a loving guy who genuinely wants everyone to live a happy life!  Over the course of our time together he impacted me in so many ways - increased confidence, got my sleeping patterns back in check, discovered my values and then what I needed to spend my energy on to make me feel empowered and believe in myself, kept me motivated, the list goes on.  At the end of the day, there is no panacea for the emotional trauma of relationship do have to go through the grieving process.  However, Dan keeps you positive, focused and motivated, whilst giving lots of useful tools to help navigate the tricky times...I'm undoubtedly though the other side far quicker and with less pain than I would have done otherwise.  Forever grateful :-)



For me (and probably many others), going through a breakup is one of the toughest things to go through as a human.  I was a bit dubious at first, as to whether he could deliver what he said he could, but figured I didn't have much to lose.  Wow! I'm so glad I followed through!  Rather than getting stuck in a rut and a vicious negative spiral, he made feel that I had purpose, helped me get my confidence and self-belief back...this has enabled me to have a much more positive outlook on the future.  Not only am I clear on exactly what I want in the future, I also now feel like I deserve to achieve all the amazing things in the picture I have in my mind!


TOM, US – 

As a guy it's not always the easiest to open up about your feelings, especially if they make you come across vulnerable.  So for me a big part of what I found so useful was being able to speak with someone completely confidentially and without judgement.  The support and encouragement received were so powerful.

Another big thing for me was that I kept blaming myself for what happened with the relationship and beating myself up.  On top of this I was feeling like I'd let someone amazing slip away and that I wasn't worthy of being with someone that great again.  Over the course of the program Dan completely smashed these thought patterns and beliefs.  Don't get me wrong, I had to work hard and commit to implementing everything he taught, but without it I think I would be stuck in a bad place still.  Thanks a lot Dan...I'll refer you to anyone I come across that would benefit from working with you!



I wish Dan's program was in my life for previous relationship breakdowns!  I would have had a lot less heartache and got back to my normal self so much quicker.  He has a knack of making you feel comfortable, which in turn made me feel cool opening up about some really personal stuff.  By getting it off my chest and talking through this stuff, it really helped de-clutter my mind and begin to make some sense of it all.  Then with the tools he taught to help manage the emotional peaks and troughs, I was able to go about my life more normally, and then I could focus on what was really important...ME!  By finding out what drives me as a person and taking steps to achieving my life's purpose, my life has transformed.

8 Week Program


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