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bill, U.S. – 

At school I was always classed as a geek, with people often calling me not very nice things.   I never had a girlfriend either.   I didn't realise how much this impacted my confidence and self-esteem as I've progressed through life until Dan explained to me the psychology behind it all.  We collect all the negative things we hear or experience, and they help shape who we become.  In our minds we end up over-exaggerating the bad (placing far too big a weighting to them) and under-appreciating the good things (we forget or diminish them) about ourselves.  Dan's techniques to first balance this out, and then make the good/positive the majority of what I focused on was very impactful.

From there he set me lots of goals after every session to keep pushing me out of my comfort zone with regards to speaking with others, speaking with girls, speaking with girls I fancied and asking them out.  We worked on my eye contact and my body language which all gave me a newly found air of confidence.  It was scary most of the time when trying something new like this, but each time I did something, it got a little bit easier and over time things that I thought were impossible for me became routine.  I now feel confident striking up a conversation with most girls and asking them out if the vibe feels right.  I know this is not the end of the journey and that I must continue to put myself out there and practice what has been learned, but I'm currently feeling a level of happiness and confidence that I never thought possible for myself.  Thank you so much Dan!



I had almost resigned myself to the "fact" that I have never been confident and would never get a girlfriend.  Well it seems that I have been lying to myself for quite sometime!  Dan firstly, made me feel comfortable opening up on things that I've never told anyone, and by having this amazing rapport and level of trust, enabled the relationship to thrive.  He also wanted me to succeed as much as I did, it's written all over his face and how happy he got when I had big breakthroughs.  I know I was the one who had to take action and put myself out there, but I wouldn't be where I am now without Dan!  Thanks again!


Steve, U.S. – 

I've always been a fairly shy person and just assumed that's the way it would always be.  That I didn't have "the luck" or "the god-given ability" to be confident, especially when it came to girls.  Dan's ability to make you aware of your inner (and outer) qualities is amazing. I had no idea I had the amount I have to offer others.  Furthermore, he helps you get clear on what your calling is in life (he calls it "your purpose"). By obtaining this clarity and working every week to make it a reality, I found my confidence soared and people seemed more interested in me.

In addition to this, I found his body language and eye contact training to be hugely effective, and when coupled with the approach techniques and questioning skills, I now have a huge bunch of resources/skills at my disposal in the dating world.  I've seen the progress I can make in 6 months, and I'm excited to see what can now be achieved in the next 6 months and beyond!



Guys, of all ages, if you feel inadequate, insecure, unworthy or unconfident around girls, get yourself booked in with Dan.  I know that if I can make the transition from feeling like a loser who doesn't deserve a woman, to where I am now, then he can certainly help you with your confidence and dating aspirations!  I now have a deep belief that I deserve someone to be with someone incredible, the belief that I will do, and the ability to go make it happen.  My only wish is that I'd found him sooner.   Thanks brother, you've changed my life! 


John, UK – 

Somehow I've gone from being incredibly shy around most people, to being able to speak to pretty much anyone, including beautiful women!  I used to be a nervous wreck talking to any girl, but through applying Dan's methods and techniques, I am now so much more comfortable in my own skin and very proud of who I am as a person.  For me, this was the key!  Once I started to see progress with these things, I felt motivated to try more new things out and started to believe I could achieve the goals both Dan and I set for myself.  Even though it's only been 5 months I've made so much progress in that time - but I've set myself the task of continuing to grow and develop my skills and knowledge further.  



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