Make Your Dreams A Reality In 2016 - FREE TOOLS & 2 SPECIAL OFFERS

As 2016 has now begun, you (as do most) will likely be reflecting on what has been achieved and not achieved in 2015.  
This period of reflection will ultimately lead you to the questions - "what do I want to do with my time in 2016?" and "what do I want to change?".

Whether it's getting in shape, improving your relationships (friends, family, colleagues, partner), earning more money, finding someone special, starting the business you've always wanted, overcoming a fear, changing career, embarking upon a journey, improving confidence, buying a home, spending more time with loved ones, to grow more on a personal or spiritual level, starting a new hobby, visiting new places, or something else that you may or may not realise yet...there are a multitude of things that we COULD & WANT to do.  

There a A LOT of people who are INTERESTED in making the necessary changes in their lives, and SCARILY FEW who are COMMITTED to doing so...which category will you fall into?!



To help, you can download a FREE Life Analysis & Action Planner tool - this will really help you get clear on where you are, where you want to be and give you focus as to where you should be spending your time and how!  

I 100% guarantee that this will be of great value to you...but you do need to put in the time to firstly complete the exercise, and secondly, take continued action (no matter how big or small) towards your dreams.

Simply click the button below and follow the instructions for your FREE will receive a download link shortly afterwards



Is a monthly subscription based course created to help people literally create their lives by design - to be at cause of how we live - rather than at effect of the external environment around us (implies we have no control over our destination or the outcome).   However it is intended to be a life long learning, leadership & development program - "We are what we do repeatedly.  Excellence is therefore not a singular act, but a habit" - Aristotle.

Usually the core of what stops us achieving what we want, is limiting beliefs from the way our minds have been conditioned over time (these do not serve us and mostly untrue), destructive habits, ingrained counterproductive cultural standards, lack of motivating purpose and the inhibiting daily negative influence of others....MOD/BFE addresses all of these and more.

The program also features world champions, Olympic gold medalists and other people who have overcome big obstacles to create the success they desire in life.

Even as a fully qualified coach, I have, and continue to use this product in my own life on a daily basis, and the ground covered and the journey travelled already has been amazing...I'm very excited to see what it brings in 2016 and beyond.

How much would you be willing to pay for something that can help give you everything you want?  To make your dreams a reality?

Here's some testimonials & results from a survey regarding the program.

The monthly subscription fee for this life changing product is normally $197 (£130), however I am currently offering it for $97 (£64)...but please be aware that I only have a limited number so you will need to act quickly to take advantage of this deal!  

Now most people will tell themselves something like "I can't afford that", or "how do I know it will work", or "I don't want to risk spending money on something like this".  

Truth is, you probably spend more than that a month on your coffee from Starbucks, or something that isn't essential to your life.  An even harder truth, is that if you're not willing to spend $3 (£2) per day to achieve the life you desire, then you're either not serious about your goals/changing, or you're waiting for a miracle to happen (being at effect)...BOTH paths are pretty certain to lead to the same outcome...being stuck and disappointed.

There are over 50,000 people who have transformed their lives by using the MOD/BFE program...will you become one of them?!  I truly hope so.  TO REGISTER OR FOR FURTHER INFO, PLEASE GET IN CONTACT VIA THE FORM BELOW...

My purpose in life is to help people become the amazing version of themselves they are completely capable of being.  

For the FIRST 10 people who enrol on the monthly program, I am offering a FREE 1 TO 1 COACHING SESSION EVERY MONTH FOR 6 MONTHS (worth over $1,000/£700).  

Thanks for your time - if you choose not to enrol then I wish you all the best, if you do, then I look forward to speaking with you soon and seeing the amazing transformation that beckons.  If you have any questions, my contact details can be found below!
Bye for now.  Dan



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