Breakup/Divorce TESTIMONIALS:

Amie, UK...

When I started working with Dan, my head was in a bit of a muddle. I’d just come out of a serious relationship and I was struggling to move forward. I’d lost my sense of self and I know that now. I became so used to putting someone else’s needs before my own that I forgot what it was that I needed and wanted from my life.

It was a friend that recommended his coaching to me and I rejected the idea at first. Why would I need coaching? I’m not weak, I told myself proudly. I can get through this on my own. But the first session will be free she said, there’s a promotion on. Just try it and see. What have you got to lose?

Sam J, US...

When I first spoke to Dan, my life was in complete disarray after my girlfriend on 5 years suddenly decided to break up with me. I felt like my whole world had been turned upside down and was completely lost!

Even after just one session together I started to feel the clouds above me lift as he helped me to become more aware of my positive qualities and got me clear on what my purpose in life was. By doing this, my focus shifted from the past and my ex, to me and what I want, and need, to achieve. I'm so glad I signed up for Dan's coaching program! He is both a caring and passionate guy, who also has some amazing techniques and teachings to help people get over rough breakups. Big thanks man!

Sara M, UK...

Well thank goodness I found Dan and decided to give his breakup program a shot! Such a loving guy who genuinely wants everyone to live a happy life! Over the course of our time together he impacted me in so many ways - increased confidence, got my sleeping patterns back in check, discovered my values and then what I needed to spend my energy on to make me feel empowered and believe in myself, kept me motivated, the list goes on.

At the end of the day, there is no panacea for the emotional trauma of relationship breakups. You do have to go through the grieving process. However, Dan keeps you positive, focused and motivated, whilst giving lots of useful tools to help navigate the tricky times. I'm undoubtedly though the other side far quicker and with less pain than I would have done otherwise. Forever grateful :-)

Claire R, UK...

For me (and probably many others), going through a breakup is one of the toughest things to go through as a human. I was a bit dubious at first, as to whether he could deliver what he said he could, but figured I didn't have much to lose. Wow! I'm so glad I followed through!

Rather than getting stuck in a rut and a vicious negative spiral, he made feel that I had purpose, helped me get my confidence and self-belief back. This has enabled me to have a much more positive outlook on the future. Not only am I clear on exactly what I want in the future, I also now feel like I deserve to achieve all the amazing things in the picture I have in my mind!

Tom, US...

As a guy it's not always the easiest to open up about your feelings, especially if they make you come across vulnerable. So for me a big part of what I found so useful was being able to speak with someone completely confidentially and without judgement. The support and encouragement received were so powerful.

Another big thing for me was that I kept blaming myself for what happened with the relationship and beating myself up. On top of this I was feeling like I'd let someone amazing slip away and that I wasn't worthy of being with someone that great again. Over the course of the program Dan completely smashed these thought patterns and beliefs.

Don't get me wrong, I had to work hard and commit to implementing everything he taught, but without it I think I would be stuck in a bad place still. Thanks a lot Dan. I'll refer you to anyone I come across that would benefit from working with you!

Greg K, US...

I wish Dan's program was in my life for previous relationship breakdowns! I would have had a lot less heartache and got back to my normal self so much quicker.

He has a knack of making you feel comfortable, which in turn made me feel cool opening up about some really personal stuff. By getting it off my chest and talking through this stuff, it really helped de-clutter my mind and begin to make some sense of it all. Then with the tools he taught to help manage the emotional peaks and troughs, I was able to go about my life more normally, and then I could focus on what was really important...ME! By finding out what drives me as a person and taking steps to achieving my life's purpose, my life has transformed.

Business Testimonials:

Jason, AUS...

As a start up business what I found hardest was the uncertainty around whether I could succeed. My self-belief was constantly taking a battering when things did not go according to plan and to be honest wanted to just give up on multiple occasions.

What I got most from our time was getting to the point where I appreciated "failure" or wrong turns as an important part of the road to success, rather than being embarrassed or frustrated by it, as well as restoring my confidence that I could acheive everyone I wanted to in due course. I also learned how to be more organised and as a result my productivity increased a lot.

Sandra, UK...

What I was most stuck with most with regarding my business is that is was becoming a chore. I'd originally started my beauty business as a way to move away from the conventional 9-5 grind, to focus on something that I enjoy. But the stresses of growing a business began to overwhelm me which took my love away and replaced it with fear

Dan helped me to remember exactly why I'm doing what I'm doing, as well as what I get from doing it both internally with my emotions and also externally. This naturally increased my motivation and determination.

For some reason we are led to believe (well at least I felt this way) that successful people had a linear journey to their end goals, when in actual fact it's a lot of 'a few steps forward and one or two back or sideways'. Once I realised this, I could better manage my emotions when things were not going my way. The time I spent with Dan has undoubtedly improved the trajectory of my business.

Ben, US...

I decided to spend some time with Dan as I had an idea about a business but lacked the confidence to do anything about it on my own. We begun by getting clarity on where I ultimately wanted to get to as well as why I wanted to do it - this was a big revelation for me as it stoked the fire inside.

What was most daunting for me was that because the project was so big I felt like how on earth am I going to get there!? But as we worked to break it all down into more managable size sections the weight gradually lifted and I was instilled with even more energy. As the weeks passed Dan was always raising my awareness of my achievements and the progress I was making which served to increase my confidence and belief (especially helpful in when I came across big challenges to overcome.

Janet, UK...

Dan managed to instil a very strong level of belief within me. Even when people were telling me to quit my dream of running my own business (including friends and family), because I had learned the necessary skills to deal with what he calls "stoppers", I was able to deal with them effectively without swaying from my path. By teaching me that it is following our passions and being clear on our mission, whilsting taking continued steps towards achieving them, that leads to a happy life, I have overcome many obstacles that I don't think I would have been able to otherwise.

Chris J, UK...

Even though I knew what I wanted to be doing, I had been lacking discipline and energy for some time. This was soon shaken out of me when I was taught the consequences of inaction and procrastination.

Once this was fixed, we worked on breaking down everything into sections and goals that made more sense to me. They also felt more achievable which definitely added to my motivation as I saw myself achieving things more frequently.

I'm so happy with the way things have progressed. I have travelled such a long way already, but just as importantly, I'm excited about what's still to come and the work I need to put in.

Matt, US...

I had always been a bit dubious of seeking help from a coach or the alike, but I was so stuck in a rut that I had to try something different. For some reason I believed that coaching and personal development was head in the clouds type thinking that didn't really factor in the real world realities. I could not have been more wrong! It was Dan's ability to provide appropriate tools to properly deal with the real world that has made such a big difference to me and my business.

Within 3 months I had solid projections that accounted for different scenarios and within 6 months I had nearly doubled my revenue. Getting my motivation back was a big part of the reason for these successes but also having someone to talk to without judgement was very important, in an environment that can be lonely a lot.

Confidence, relationships & Dating TESTIMONIALS:

Bill, US...

At school I was always classed as a geek, with people often calling me not very nice things. I never had a girlfriend either. I didn't realise how much this impacted my confidence and self-esteem as I've progressed through life until Dan explained to me the psychology behind it all. We collect all the negative things we hear or experience, and they help shape who we become. In our minds we end up over-exaggerating the bad (placing far too big a weighting to them) and under-appreciating the good things (we forget or diminish them) about ourselves. Dan's techniques to first balance this out, and then make the good/positive the majority of what I focused on was very impactful.

From there he set me lots of goals after every session to keep pushing me out of my comfort zone with regards to speaking with others, speaking with girls, speaking with girls I fancied and asking them out. We worked on my eye contact and my body language which all gave me a newly found air of confidence. It was scary most of the time when trying something new like this, but each time I did something, it got a little bit easier and over time things that I thought were impossible for me became routine. I now feel confident striking up a conversation with most girls and asking them out if the vibe feels right. I know this is not the end of the journey and that I must continue to put myself out there and practice what has been learned, but I'm currently feeling a level of happiness and confidence that I never thought possible for myself. Thank you so much Dan!

Eric, UK...

I had almost resigned myself to the "fact" that I have never been confident and would never get a girlfriend. Well it seems that I have been lying to myself for quite sometime! Dan firstly, made me feel comfortable opening up on things that I've never told anyone, and by having this amazing rapport and level of trust, enabled the relationship to thrive. He also wanted me to succeed as much as I did, it's written all over his face and how happy he got when I had big breakthroughs. I know I was the one who had to take action and put myself out there, but I wouldn't be where I am now without Dan! Thanks again.

Steve US...

I've always been a fairly shy person and just assumed that's the way it would always be. That I didn't have "the luck" or "the god-given ability" to be confident, especially when it came to girls. Dan's ability to make you aware of your inner (and outer) qualities is amazing. I had no idea I had the amount I have to offer others. Furthermore, he helps you get clear on what your calling is in life (he calls it "your purpose"). By obtaining this clarity and working every week to make it a reality, I found my confidence soared and people seemed more interested in me.

In addition to this, I found his body language and eye contact training to be hugely effective, and when coupled with the approach techniques and questioning skills, I now have a huge bunch of resources/skills at my disposal in the dating world. I've seen the progress I can make in 6 months, and I'm excited to see what can now be achieved in the next 6 months and beyond.

Paul, US...

Guys, of all ages, if you feel inadequate, insecure, unworthy or unconfident around girls, get yourself booked in with Dan. I know that if I can make the transition from feeling like a loser who doesn't deserve a woman, to where I am now, then he can certainly help you with your confidence and dating aspirations!

I now have a deep belief that I deserve someone to be with someone incredible, the belief that I will do, and the ability to go make it happen. My only wish is that I'd found him sooner. Thanks brother, you've changed my life.

John, UK...

Somehow I've gone from being incredibly shy around most people, to being able to speak to pretty much anyone, including beautiful women! I used to be a nervous wreck talking to any girl, but through applying Dan's methods and techniques, I am now so much more comfortable in my own skin and very proud of who I am as a person. For me, this was the key!

Once I started to see progress with these things, I felt motivated to try more new things out and started to believe I could achieve the goals both Dan and I set for myself. Even though it's only been 5 months I've made so much progress in that time - but I've set myself the task of continuing to grow and develop my skills and knowledge further.

Craig, UK...

Dan, simply put, managed to make me feel that things previously not possible, were possible. He wanted me to succeed and his enthusiasm when I made progress was palpable. My self-worth and confidence have never been higher.


Rosie B, AUS...

The overall impact of the coaching is that it’s helped me find clarity about my future. I feel that I have greatly moved on with my goals in the direction that I really want to go.

Once I had a clearer idea of what it was I really wanted to be doing, the use of mind maps assisted me in creating clear action plans, by breaking my goals down into manageable chunks. This removed the feeling of overwhelm and it has been much easier for me to stay on track. This has helped with one of my biggest barriers to achievement which is that I have a tendency to start something, get interested/distracted by something/s else and not finish anything of it. I feel that I achieved a lot between each session and I have more confidence about taking the plunge into the life that I really want.

Dan always asks about my level of commitment at the end of sessions and challenges me if it’s low. He gets to the reason for my hesitation and then asks questions to ensure that I will take the action.

Dan is always professional, positive and creates an environment where you feel encouraged and listened to. He asks insightful questions and remembers things you said weeks before, which is a nice touch. He is also not judgemental. I had a session where I was feeling tired and negative, by the end of the session he had helped turn that around and I still walked away with great action points.

Louise W, UK...

It was a very constructive relationship and it has helped me a lot get into the habit of putting pen to paper when trying to plan my life, put realistic deadlines, quantify timing of each projects / tasks, which in turn helps me prioritise what I want to do. This coaching has also helped me identify who I am deep inside, what are my differentiating strengths, what i really enjoy and what my calling is.

Anonymous, US...

I had struggled for some time to put ideas of what I wanted to achieve in to practice. I felt that there was too much to think about and the lack of structure to my thoughts clouded my ability to get things done. I didn’t know where to start and I spent my time worrying that I would choose to do the wrong thing - this often resulting in failing to make any decision at all and therefore getting nothing done. This was of course the worst possible outcome!

Through the coaching sessions I took with Dan I was able to map out a pathway to achieving some of the things I’d been dwelling on for some time. It meant breaking old habits and creating new, better habits - but this was all made manageable through Dan’s coaching techniques. I started to get some of the results I knew were possible (but hadn’t actually achieved) and picked up valuable, practical lessons along the way that I will be able to apply to other situations for the rest of my life. A feeling of clarity and focus in the fast-paced, modern day world is invaluable.

Dan is very personable and professional and I have every confidence that he will be able to help many people on his coaching journey thanks to the fantastic coaching methods he uses combined with his friendly, positive, can-do approach. Highly recommended!

Lee D, UK...

Through the seven sessions with Dan I have gained confidence in being able to tackle certain aspects of my life and personality that I wished to positively change.

The coaching has allowed me to structure approaches to my goals and see issues from a new perspective, allowing me to break diwn certain barriers using newly acquired life techniques. Each session has been productive and the take away exercises have been extremely beneficial and always relevant.

Looking back at where I am now and where I was when I started these sessions, I myself can see the change in my outlooks on my goals and the progression in achieving them. I have recommended Dan to others due to my own experiences with him.

Will C, UK...

The coaching sessions have enabled me to take affirmative actions on various sticking points that existed in my life. I have been able to pinpoint, clarify, and work towards achieving certain goals that I was either unsure or hesitant about achieving.

Verbalising and writing about my ambitions was a technique that allowed me to realise my existential capabilities and allowed me to visualise heightened levels of success an achievement. This, in turn, provided the levels of motivation needed to do the things that I knew I should be doing, but perhaps lacked the spontanaeity or willpower to do before the coaching sessions.

I now feel more confident that I can achieve my future goals, and I am also more confident in my ability to motivate and inspire myself.

Desiree P NZ...

My sessions with Dan resulted in a positive and productive outcome. I was uncertain at the start as to whether I would be able to achieve my goal, but Dan’s coaching served to inspire me onward.

Dan’s decisive questioning enabled me to generate new options and execute my action plans with a renewed interest. I really enjoyed working with Dan who always remained positive and attentive.

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