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I want people to be successful in their lives. I strongly believe a person doesn't need to settle for what is currently happening in their life, their career, their health and fitness, their relationships - or accept "this is just the way things are."

I know that life can be different, better, and that people do not have to accept less than what they want. People are making huge life changes everyday in the MOD community.

MOD is an educational program that allows you to gain a greater understanding of how each individual creates their life.  Using MOD will assist anyone in uncovering limiting beliefs, the source of destructive habits, ingrained counterproductive cultural standards, lack of individual motivating purpose and the inhibiting daily negative influences of others.

Shane Krider created this course and the supporting community after 10 years of research & development, and working with over 50,000 students around the world to achieve life-long results.

The program is a computer-based 12 month learning system that contains audios, videos & guidebooks featuring Shane, along with world champions, Olympic medalists, & other people who have overcome big obstacles to create the success they desire in their lives.

You will also be connected to an unparalleled community of positive, upbeat & supportive people.  We all meet on a weekly conference call which you can plug into live or listen to by a provided recording.

This is a year long course. The company continues to develop new content that covers different aspects of life & creating success.  Most of this content is made available free of charge for life, & you will have lifetime free access to the MOD community.

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