Peak Performance & Wellbeing Coaching™️
For Businesses
Working with entrepreneurs . Whether you're starting completely from scratch, you already have an idea to implement or you currently run a small business and looking to take your results to the next level, we've got you covered.

Who's it for?

1. People who want to become an entrepreneur and run their own business, but are unsure how, or are lacking the skills, belief and confidence to do so. It doesn’t matter whether you already have an idea or you’re still trying to figure that out.

2. People who are already running a business and are, for some reason, stuck. Or for those entrepreneurs wanting to scale their business to the next level.

3. Those individuals who are willing to invest time, energy and other resources into creating a better future for themselves personally, and their business. It is us, and us alone, who can make the decision to commit to building the type of results in life we truly want.

This is NOT FOR people who want a magical solution to solve everything with minimal effort. I’m sorry, but anyone selling you that dream is full of sh*t and in an era where the desire for instant gratification is the highest it’s ever been, it’s important to tell people the reality.

However, for those people who are willing to commit to the coaching journey, we can promise you that your efforts will be rewarded many times over, taking you from where you are currently, through an amazing personal transformation and getting you to where you want to be in your business too.

Dan’s unique background of having extensive experience in finance and business, and being a highly skilled coach with a great track record of getting results, all combine to create this powerful program for entrepreneurs.

Here we have used our 6P's Peak Performance & Wellbeing Coaching Framework and applied it specifically to the entrepreneurial world.

There are decades of knowledge, strategies and experience from a combination of multiple disciplines all pulled together into this coaching framework, which make it a very powerful and unique solution:

Business, economics and finance (21 years)
Coaching and personal development (7 years)
Creative (marketing, sales & branding - 7 years)
Psychology (4 years)

With the right information, and crucially, execution levels, human potential is INCREDIBLY high

COMING SOON -  video to see how our program can transform your mindset, your results and your life.

Some important truths...

Financial wealth DOES NOT AUTOMATICALLY EQUAL HAPPINESS. Only by building the right psychology and instilling powerful and nourishing rituals and habits into one’s life, can true happiness and wellbeing occur. There is no right or wrong when it comes to the level of success you are wanting to achieve. This goal is totally down to you and what is going to bring YOU the greatest amount of happiness and fulfilment over the course of your life.

We will factor whatever the level of financial success your aiming for into your “roadmap to your success” strategy. However it is CRUCIAL that we also look after our inner world and developing the right mindset, in order to be truly happy, fulfilled and have a life enriched with wellbeing over the long term. There are millions and millions of people who have financial wealth but yet are living depressed and unfulfilled lives. They are emotionally, physically and spiritually poor. What’s the point of having loads of money if you’re still miserable and living in a low quality state with it?!

When we’re working on making our dreams a reality, we have to be in love with the CREATION AND BUILDING of that future…not just the “stuff” we will achieve down the line. If not, it will be a long, difficult journey and when the going gets tough, the likelihood of giving up increases drastically.  

We have to enjoy the journey. Think about the following: Movies would be boring if the characters all had what they wanted right at the start, with no story, no journey to embark on. Similarly, we wouldn’t want all the food we’re ever going to eat in our lives right in this moment. The same is true for creating and manifesting our desires…it would be overwhelming and then boring and dull to have it all at once, without any journey. STORIES are what give any achievement MEANING.

In addition to this, what we desire is always growing and evolving, thus we’re never finished with the manifestation process…therefore if you don’t enjoy the journey then you will never be happy or satisfied, regardless of the things you be, do and have.

What will the transformation be?

Now onto more of the fun stuff. If you’re still with us, then you are exactly the type of person we’d want to work with as it seems you’re interested in the whole solution, not just the exciting and easy bits. To achieve anything of real significance, we have to be TRULY COMMITTED (even when it’s hard and inconvenient), not just INTERESTED (when it’s easy and suits us).

Developing the right, powerful mindset (the internal stuff) is vital to success in ANY endeavour and by implementing our POWER CORE framework, it will give you just that. In tandem with this, we will also be creating and then actioning, real-world strategies related specifically to driving your business to where you want it to be (the external stuff). Each of the framework elements will be tailored to your personal circumstances, your goals, your challenges, so you will get the absolute most from the content, enabling you to make continued progress and achieve your goals.

We will help you to become the master of your business. You are one of the key assets of your business and so maximising you and achieving peak performance (for the long term) is key. As part of the program, you will get all of your core business infrastructure set up, develop a business plan (or modernise and update your existing one if you’r already operational), get clear on and devise a strategy to allow you do what you love full time (i.e. earning your living from your passion) and if you’re already at that point, learn how to scale your business to the next level. We will help you create Gold Standard Pillars in each of the 3 core areas of any business (your product/service, your operations, your marketing) and implement strategies to maximise your (and your team’s) productivity, as this is a crucial component to any successful company.

We will develop an extensive brand building and marketing strategy and executing well in this area is absolutely critical if you are to succeed (80% of success in a business is driven by marketing). Mediocre products can actually perform pretty well with excellent marketing strategy and implementation, whereas a great product or service won’t see the light of day with a poorly constructed and/or executed marketing plan.  Together, we will create a strategy on how to win over resistant would-be customers and help them to overcome their own objections. If you’re product or service is great, them having it in their lives will be beneficial. So it is your duty to help get them there and show why you care.For those clients more advanced in their business journey, we discuss additional new business development strategies and implement the highest priority ones. We also review the company from top to bottom, in order to improve profitability.

Both starting AND running a successful is hard. We help you to make continued progress and tip the odds in your favour

Will the journey be easy? Absolutely not. But “if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got.” We give you the tools, the knowledge, the strategies and the mindset, to make continued progress to the future outcomes you want, whilst importantly living in a beautiful, healthy state, both mentally and physically. There is no better place to be than to truly enjoy the present moment, whilst moving ever-closer to your dreams. In our humble opinion, this is the holy grail of life.

Just a final important note: this is not therapy or counselling. So if you have severe mental health challenges then this is not the service for you (as a standalone service anyway). If severe mental health challenges are something you have to contend with, we recommend you bringing in a specialised therapist for that particular challenge, and then we work together to create and instil habits and rituals that are all geared towards achieving ever-better mental and physical wellbeing moving forward, as well as developing your business to where you want it to be.

This Peak Performance Coaching Program brings together decades of knowledge and experience from multiple disciplines, so there is way too much to explain here, however we hope that this gives you a good insight into what to expect and also that we’ve got you excited about what is possible for you to achieve in your future.

Some inspiring quotes...

"It took me 17 years and 114 days to become an overnight success" - Lionel Messi.

“Limits, like fear, are often just an illusion.” - Michael Jordan

“The only limits to the possibilities in your life tomorrow are the buts you use today.” - Les Brown

“There are two types of pain. The pain of discipline and the pain of regret. Discipline weighs ounces whilst regret weights tonnes” - Jim Rohn.

"Greatness is not measured by what a man or woman accomplishes, but by the opposition he or she has overcome to reach their goals." - Dorothy Height.

Some key outcomes from dedicating to the 6P's Peak Performance & Wellbeing program


Psyche & Psychological Wellbeing (click or tap to explore)

The desire for instant gratification and searching for happiness and wellbeing in some future event, circumstance, achievement or material item, are the fastest routes to living a f*cking miserable life. In the entrepreneurial world this can be a big issue and the widespread desire to want what others have and not be happy and fulfilled until they have it, is a seriously bad way to live life.

Additionally, being an entrepreneur, if we don’t have the right tools and the right psychology, can be very stressful, lonely and sometimes very unhappy arena to operate in. Our Peak Performance & Wellbeing Coaching program is jam packed with strategies and techniques that help people not only overcome this big issue, but to give them what they need to absolutely thrive.

Getting our psyche and psychological wellbeing to a place where it is firing on all cylinders is if huge importance. The potential consequences of not managing it effectively can be incredibly damaging and often spill out across other areas of life. However the upsides of investing time and energy to get it right,  are insanely high. Let us explain.

Mindset is by far the most important aspect of achieving the results we each want in life and is why we’ve made this the biggest module of the program. It feeds into and impacts ALL other areas of our lives.

By creating and instilling your powerful new habits and mental constructs, we develop an incredible backbone upon which you can build your future upon. By learning how to enjoy the journey…the building and creation of your life’s story, rather than only enjoying “the stuff” that comes from your efforts, your life’s experience will totally transform.

In the other modules of the framework, we also focus on how to achieve the things you want in life and your business, however our point is that without mastering your mindset, all of it will be pointless if you’re not happy, fulfilled and living in a beautiful, positive and energised state.

You will…
- Promote and embody mental wellbeing throughout your life.
- Grow your confidence in all areas of life.
- Rewire the unhelpful beliefs about yourself, others and the world, that hold you back.
- Breakthrough fears that limit your action taking, and your results.
- Re-programme the subconscious mind, to make behavioural patterns predominantly helpful, constructive and empowering.
- Build mental and emotional resiliency so you can deal with whatever life throws at you much more effectively.
- Increase your focus levels.
- Learn how to change and master your state of mind to maximise every scenario you’re in, leading to consistently better results.
- Develop the ability to live in a beautiful, positive state, much more of the time.
- Learn how to make happiness the centrepiece of your life which will consequently help you constantly grow, evolve and achieve at a much higher level.
- Garner the ability to execute and take massive action.
- And so so much more.

The vast majority of people have forgotten (or even never realised) that the most important part of life is to live in a beautiful mental state and to be happy. Sounds fluffy we know, but it really is crucial. Happiness is not just an art, it is scientific too. This means we can systematically LEARN how to be happy.

Happiness and fulfilment in life lead to success. The other way around is rarely true.
This is why learning how to master our mindsets and achieving physical and mental wellbeing is so critical, if we’re to access our peak performance levels and achieve the things we really want be, do, have and contribute in life.



Whilst the first “P” in the program is the most important (and as previously mentioned it very much feeds into ALL other areas of our lives), we most definitely need to invest a lot of energy into the other five areas if we’re to achieve the goals we’re aiming for, both in business, and in life. You can’t drive a car that has 3 flat tyres! Well, not safely, comfortably, successfully, or quickly anyway. There needs to be some balance.

This part of the program is where we gain CLARITY. To get where we want to go, much like a sat nav system, we firstly need to know:

1. Where we are currently
2. Where our destination is (what we TRULY want).  
3. The potential routes.
4. The obstacles and restrictions that are in the way.

These map to the below:

1. Gain awareness of what assets/resources/skills etc we have, what ones we’re going to need, what knowledge can we use from the past. We then use this to our advantage.
2. We need to ensure that “what we truly want” is in line with our core human needs and our core values (our DNA). We do this both for your music career as well as the other areas of life important to you. This is because sacrificing one or some over the other, usually leads to regret based issues down the line.
3. Having the right strategies, the right plan, the right tools for the job. Having a spoon to eat a steak is the same as having the wrong strategies, plan and tools for your endeavours.
4. We need to get clear on what is, and could, get in the way, and also importantly what the cost of achieving what we want is. If we’re to achieve what we want we MUST be wiling to do whatever it takes to overcome those barriers and be willing to pay the associated costs/sacrifices too.

Through the R.A.F Clarity Model and the R.O.S.E.S Roadmap To Success sub-modules, we enable our clients to achieve all of the above.
Everyone has different ambitions and varying levels of achievement they want. Not only is that ok…it’s actually awesome! Remember, it’s all about happiness and fulfilment over the long term. If you’re happy with your current circumstances, then that’s fantastic and we couldn’t be happier for you. However if you’re not, then you must either step up and make the necessary changes, and if you are unwilling or unable to do so, then you need to adjust your expectations downwards and not complain. That’s the truth…however hard it may be to hear.

The final sub-program of this module is The R.A.P.P.S.S Business Plan Model. As an entrepreneur, having a clear, concise and powerful business plan is incredibly valuable. It’s also important that the plan is updated periodically to capture the latest information, including things like targets, strategies, competition, SWOT analysis etc. Whilst it is as it says on the tin, a “plan”, and reality rarely materialises in line with the plan, it can be your north star. By having a comprehensive  and up to date business plan, not only will it help the company stay focused and move forward, but also will help to reduce the chances of nasty, unexpected surprises too. Together, using our model, we will create a plan for your business (and if you already have one, we can review, analyse and improve as needed).

A key thing to remember is that our actions MUST map to our ambitions. It’s important that we are realistic and practical. If you have huge ambitions (for example to become a millionaire or to scale your business from 6 to 7 figures, or 7 to 8 figures), this will come at the cost of an insane amount of hard-work, dedication, self discipline and personal sacrifice. You cannot achieve the 1%ers lifestyle unless you’re matching (or even exceeding) what the 1% had to do accumulatively to get there. If you have ambitions to live a top 10% lifestyle, then you you will have to match (or exceed) those people. Top 30% lifestyle, match (our exceed) those. And so on.

If you have a natural talent then that’s great, however it is NOT a substitute for hard work. If someone doesn’t have a natural talent (or hasn’t found it yet), we believe that with hard work and dedication, everyone can develop their skills in something.  
It comes down to what you want to spend your time on in your business, what you enjoy and then what you want don’t and therefore want to outsource to others to do on your behalf.

Crucially, we also believe that whilst each human has a different level of potential, the vast majority are operating significantly below that potential. That is why commitment and hard work often trumps raw talent. 80% of 100 is the same as 40% of 200! Finding an edge wherever possible can, over time, accumulate to make all the difference.


Performance & Productivity

Every single human on the planet has this in common…we each have 24 hours, 1,440 minutes, 86,400 seconds in a day. How we choose to allocate those hours, minutes, seconds, and how EFFECTIVE and PRODUCTIVE we are with them, is a significant factor in determining how successful we are.

Again, it’s important that our actions are mapping to our ambitions. So if you’re scrolling on Facebook for 3 hours a day, watching Netflix for 4 hours and you only have 1 hour left to focus on your business, chances are not much progress will be made.

We all have different levels of rest and recharge we need. Some people need 6 hours sleep, some 8, others 10. Some need 1 hour to decompress, others need 3. That’s all cool. It’s about ensuring that we’re allocating our time to the things most important to us (and that we really need) and cutting away all the B.S. stuff we give our time to. And then in that time we’ve allocated to the important stuff, that we’re absolutely firing on all cylinders to MAXIMISE. Regardless of whatever it is we’re trying to achieve, it is absolutely certain that winners in any field, any industry, have a disproportionate ability to maximise.

With our Zonal Productivity System, S.W.A.N Performance Method and the M.A.S.S-T Results System, we give you the tools to achieve just that. Time is by far THE most precious commodity on the planet, and so being able to do loads more with yours, is in our opinion, one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself.

We have also created a powerful sub-program called P.O.M.M - The Diamond Pillars Of Your Business.
This is a huge program absolutely packed with tools, knowledge and strategies designed to help you develop a business built to succeed. In this part we create the strategy around it and in the 5th P (Prosperity) we execute to make it happen. Here’s what to expect.

- Ensuring your product and/or service is great, and how to continually improve your business with ongoing product development and innovation.

- Operations, including culture, are the energy source of a company. Poorly done, it can dramatically hold back, or even kill a business over the long run. Executed well, it can springboard your business to great new heights. We create the roadmap for you to achieve this.

- Marketing is the oxygen of a business. Without oxygen, it will die. More accurately, this is split into two: sales (short term) and marketing (long term brand building). A company can have the best product/service ever, but if it’s not marketed well, very few people will ever know it exists, let alone buy it. Conversely a company can have a mediocre product/service and excellent marketing and sales strategy and execution, and actually do quite well.

We want you to have a great product/service, with great operations and fantastic marketing…your diamond pillars! We help you to create and execute a powerful marketing game plan from the bottom up, ensuring your quality product gets seen by the people who want and need it, driving revenue. But also ABSOLUTELY crucially, executing a brand awareness and engagement strategy, as this is critical to long term business success. The power of brand is immense. It’s not enough to just “sell”…you NEED to build a brand.


Physical Wellbeing

The mind-body connection we each have is huge. Our mental state impacts our physical state, and our physical state impacts the way we think, feel and behave. When we’re running on empty, it negatively impacts all other areas of life, including the efficacy of our business endeavours.

Each person has a different threshold for when their fatigue begins to adversely impact them and a different one again for when they will snap. Every single person has these limits, but OVER TIME, these limits can be expanded. Dan openly talks about his own experience with this back in 2010/11 and how he thought he was operating close to peak levels when in actual fact he was in the pre-burnout zone and eventually went into the full burnout zone. This had a devastating impact on his life and is one of several key catalysts that spurred him into making many drastic changes in his life and subsequently becoming a peak performance and wellbeing coach.

It’s crucial that we implement strategies that promote and embody wellbeing over the long term. Here are just a few benefits of our P.E.A.R.S Health System:

- Better sleep.
- Implement a healthy, nutritious eating plan.
- Implement an exercise plan that works FOR YOU. If it’s something you enjoy then it’s easier to follow through consistently.
- Breakthrough destructive health habits.
- Master your mindset regarding health and fitness.
- Ensures a better quality of life along with higher chances of increased longevity of your life.
- Have higher energy levels.
- Achieve greater focus.
- Improve your productivity.
- Increase your confidence as your body image changes.

By building physical (and mental) toughness, it means our resiliency to the external environment is strong. In many cases, we cannot control the external circumstances occurring in our lives. But with commitment and dedication, we can control our physical and mental states, which means that whatever life ends up throwing at us, we are much much better equipped to deal with it.

Dan’s P.E.A.R.S Health System is an effective approach to ensuring your physical wellbeing thrives and has a positive knock on effect across your whole life. Internal and external health are BOTH very important, and by pro-actively applying this model, you can systematically improve yours continuously.



Our belief is that the current education system is failing people on many levels. Much of what is taught is really not of value in the real world. Having more softer skills (internal, mindset and EQ (emotional intelligence)) being taught would be a big big step forward. But importantly, so many people are not given the tools to effectively manage their own money, which immediately sets them up to be on the back foot in life.

Management of ALL our resources is super important.
Money, time, energy, skills, knowledge. We each have a certain amount currently and how we allocate them is crucial. With the exception of time, we can also grow each of these resources directly.  Even with time, we can make ours work harder by “leveraging”. How do we do this?

1) By creating passive income streams, and;
2) Building a team of people that you can outsource a) the lower value activities you don’t like or aren’t good at, and; b) even the higher value activities you don’t like or aren’t good at. Remember what we said about the ability to MAXIMISE!?

The MAMMS Wealth Builder tool is a simple yet powerful method to gain full control over the management of your finances, so you can make this resource your absolute friend, and not something filled with fear and dread. With this, you will be implementing a system that stops you having more month than money at the end of each month, and importantly enables you to build your various “money pots” over time.  

The C.R.A.B.B Accumulator is a much more in depth sub-program that really dives into the nitty gritty of finances and wealth, both from mindset and practical, real world achievement standpoints. Here are some of the core elements:

- Understand the various “money personalities”, what one you are and how to amend it to ensure your maximising.
- Build empowering and constructive beliefs around money and link to your financial blueprint.
- Learn how to increase your intrinsic value.
- Understand different investment vehicles and how to achieve your financial goals with them.
- What passive income vehicles are real and what ones are absolute B.S.
- Build your personal and/or business brand which increases your leverage and your earning power over the long term (in any field/industry of interest or career path).

Remember the P.O.M.M - The Diamond Pillars Of Your Business sub-program we spoke about back in module 3 (Performance & Productivity)? Well this is where we actually implement and execute the strategy we created there.

This is a huge program absolutely packed with tools, knowledge and strategies designed to help you create, or make, your business, that is built to succeed. Here’s a brief reminder of what to expect:

- Creating your product and/or service, and how to continually improve your business with ongoing innovation.

- Operations, including culture, are the energy source of a company. Poorly done, it can dramatically hold back, or even kill a business over the long run. Executed well, it can springboard your business to great new heights. We create the roadmap for you to achieve this.

- Marketing is the oxygen of a business. Without oxygen, it will die. More accurately, this is split into two: sales (short term) and marketing (long term brand building). A company can have the best product/service ever, but if it’s not marketed well, very few people will ever know it exists, let alone buy it. Conversely a company can have a mediocre product/service and excellent marketing and sales strategy and execution, and actually do quite well. We want you to have a great product, with great operations and fantastic marketing…your diamond pillars!

We help you to create and execute a powerful marketing game plan from the bottom up, ensuring your quality product gets seen by the people who want and need it, driving revenue. But also ABSOLUTELY crucially, executing a brand awareness and engagement strategy, as this is critical to long term business success. The power of brand is immense. It’s not enough to just “sell”…you NEED to build a brand.



Relationships (of all kinds - business, friends, intimate, colleagues, family) are an incredibly important part of life. They often determine how loved, cared for and appreciated we feel, the types of opportunities we get, how connected we feel and how supported we are. As with everything in life, some people find this topic easier to navigate than others. However also like everything in life, there are always ways to get much better at it, and even get really good at it (with commitment and dedication of course).

The B.A.R.S Relationship Building Model can be applied to ANY type of relationship. As with all the “P’s” in our 6P’s Coaching Framework, we explore into both the deep inner world and then apply outer world strategies. Having this combination approach is incredibly powerful and effective, and is a skillset that is invaluable in business and in life.

- We look at existing beliefs around different types of relationships. We work on flushing out unhelpful and unconstructive beliefs and build empowering and helpful ones in their place. What we each believe at a deeper level about relationships largely determines how we think, feel and act in relation to them too. This is why is so crucial to get this right. Ever heard someone (or yourself) say “I keep making the same mistake”? That’s due to beliefs and mental conditioning that basically cause them/you to behave in a particular way. We NEED these beliefs and our programming to be working in our favour.

- Did you know that we become the average of the 5 people we spend most time with? That’s f*cking powerful! If we’re around winners most of the time, surrounded by positivity, good energy and success, we will naturally up our game and gravitate towards their level. On the flip side, if we spend a lot of time around negative people who are not doing/achieving/working towards the types of things we want in life, we WILL get pulled down to that level. As with a lot of stuff we teach, simple in theory, less so to consistently execute in real life. But we’ll get you to where you need to be.

- The “state” we’re in, in any given moment determines our effectiveness in that particular situation. Now we do also cover this in more detail in another section, however we apply it specifically here too. Whilst ideology is hard to achieve in practice, it gives us something to work towards. Ideally, we train ourselves to the point where we can have our emotional state, energetic state and physical state all at the optimal level for the task or environment in front of us. With awareness and practice, we can make continued progress and become ever better at accessing the right state at the right time. Your results will literally skyrocket!

- People ultimately like other people who are similar to them in some ways or are like the person they want to become. Being able to build rapport with others is key if we’re to have the type of relationships we want in life, and we teach you how to achieve this with almost anyone.

Remember when we spoke earlier about “leveraging your time”? We now look into how we can do this specifically via building your team in a practical, cost effective and powerful way, that is built for longevity.

By developing your people skills, it will directly and indirectly impact your business results, and your life results, in a very significant way.

The 6P's Peak Performance & Wellbeing Coaching Program brings together decades of knowledge, experience & strategies into one powerful framework

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