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Richard, U.K.

"After the first 6 months my life had completely changed. My close friends noticed a huge difference in me after just a few months with Dan and a year later I feel unrecognisable."

Matt, U.K.

"Dan had an immediate impact on my personal and professional life. I worked with Dan for 6 months. I felt the process offered tremendous value for money and Dan is as committed to your journey as you are individually."

Jude, U.K.

"My life like before I started working with Dan was directionless. Now I’ve been coached by him I am focused, confident and more loving. I felt an instant connection with Dan. I love his warmth, his empathy and that he’s always available to contact him by message or email. I was so impressed very early on. Huge achievements from a complete loss of self and confidence to guiding me through finding my true purpose and reason for being here. I hardly recognise the person I was when I started coaching with Dan."

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Fiona, U.K.

"Before I started working with Dan I was in a very depressed state. I felt at that point my life I really was at rock bottom.  
He taught me the power I have over my own destination and taking control of my thoughts and actions and caring for myself and my personal development are paramount to my becoming the person I truly am. I have made massive inroads with all the main issues I was facing and would highly recommend Dan as a life coach. He made me feel at ease talking to him from the first session and created a confidence in me that anything was possible. I felt that Dan was able to develop an individualised plan for me which has really worked and I can now look forward to a brighter future. I was completely undecided about exploring personal development through a life coach. 6 months on a huge transformation has taken place."

Simon, U.K.

“Before I started working with Dan, I had a very confused and lost mind. I was deflated and lost for direction. Now I’ve been coached by Dan I’m much more focused and am working towards exciting new goals, some of which I have already smashed. I have bought a house, been approached to work at a new job and hit more targets, completed my life goals before the age of 29 now looking to set even more challenging goals and targets to get to the next level. I have improved my self-control and learnt to deal with situations that may make me stressed or frustrated as well as balancing my life a lot more and discovered the things that make me really happy. Three words I’d use to describe Dan are productive, motivational and inspiring. A very special thanks to Dan for all his time and efforts. I’d absolutely recommend him, he is passionate about his job and helping others."

Colleen, U.K.

"Dan helped me re-find the part of me that is happy, positive and motivated to achieve. I strive to achieve my goals, I don't take no for an answer and I'm not fazed if those around me can't see my dreams.  Dan comes from a place of integrity where helping others navigate their challenges is his highest motivation. I have worked to sustain and grow my current business, I'm studying and also looking to launch a second business. I would definitely recommend Dan. Investing in yourself is one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself and is surprising to others around you. Dan will help you see what you maybe at the moment can't."

Laura, U.K.

I like that Dan is non-judgemental in his approach and is able to relate to certain experiences by sharing his own experiences.  He is able to work with humility which I think is important when the ‘client’ can be sharing very personal aspects of their own lives.  
I think it’s so important that in this hectic, busy world we find the time to stop and check in that our lives are heading in the direction that feels right to us. Life coaching offers concrete tools to help stop and assess these things.
I was able to identify areas which I wanted to ‘experiment’ with such as working as a freelance forest school teacher, start a mini business and also gain more experience teaching yoga. I feel that I have achieved in all these areas which is great. I would recommend Dan and have already done so to some of my friends.

Anon, U.K.

In the time I was coached by Dan I had some significant breakthroughs, both in my professional and personal life. I am incredibly grateful for all of the dedication and commitment Dan gave me throughout my coaching experience. Even when he pushed me hard, he still managed to keep maintain a safe space for me to operate and grow. I was initially on the fence regarding working with a coach, however I am so glad that I chose to overcome that resistance and invest in myself and my future. I now have a huge array of skills, tools and strategies that will be with me for life, as well as having the confidence, self-belief and motivation to make things happen. I would definitely recommend Dan as a coach. If you're thinking about taking that leap, I strongly encourage you to go for it. You simply will not regret it.

Rosie, U.K.

“I feel that I achieved a lot between each session and I have more confidence about taking the plunge into the life that I really want."

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Tom, U.S.

"A big part of what I found so useful was being able to speak with someone completely confidentially and without judgement. The support and encouragement received were so powerful. Over the course of the program Dan completely smashed through old thought patterns and beliefs. Without it I think I would be stuck in a bad place still. Thanks a lot Dan. I'll refer you to anyone I come across that would benefit from working with you!"

Lee, U.K.

"Dan has provided me with more tools and skills to help overcome both confidence and motivational issues. I would recommend Dan to anyone. He is friendly and easy to speak to, he is able to relate quickly to people but then also builds a logical and methodical path for people to be able to follow."

Anon, U.K.

“Dan is very personable and professional and I have every confidence that he will be able to help many people thanks to the fantastic coaching methods he uses combined with his friendly, positive, can-do approach. Highly recommended!”

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Greg, U.S.

"He has a knack of making you feel comfortable, which in turn made me feel cool opening up about some really personal stuff. By getting it off my chest and talking through this stuff, it really helped de-clutter my mind and begin to make some sense of it all. Then with the tools he taught to help manage the emotional peaks and troughs, I was able to go about my life more normally, and then I could focus on what was really important...ME! By finding out what drives me as a person and taking steps to achieving my life's purpose, my life has transformed."

Will, U.K.

“I now feel more confident that I can achieve my future goals, and I am also more confident in my ability to motivate and inspire myself."

Nicole, U.K.

“Dan has been my life coaching for about 18 months. He is and has been a great source of inspiration for me particularly when trying to achieve a goal, stay focused, remain positive or help me plan tool kits I may need along life’s way. Life before Dan was like my desk at Uni... organised mess... with Dan it’s much more organised! I have achieved some key things since meeting Dan... I bought a flat using tools and tips which helped me plan and achieve my goal. I have since gone on to apply this for other goals of mine such as personal development, self care, dating and relationships etc. For anyone sceptical about using a life coach or working with Dan, don’t be... give it go for a few months. You might be surprised with the results.”

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