Peak Performance & Wellbeing Coaching™️
For Corporate Teams
Enabling teams to significantly increase their performance & productivity levels, in a way that promotes long term wellbeing.

Who's it for?

In any business department, the employees (including the leader/manager) are one of the main assets. The ability to perform at high levels, is a crucial driver of results. Not doing so costs the business time and money.

The field of performance and productivity is craft all of it's own and has evolved. It's simply not enough to use outdated and increasingly less effective methods such as a yearly review, and motivate staff via money and cracking the whip alone.

Team leaders/managers often don't have the time to dedicate to this, and aren't equipped with the in-depth knowledge and expertise to achieve gold standard results here. That's where we come in. We help corporate teams access their peak performance more frequently, and also change beliefs around what their "peak" actually is.

By investing in this unique, forward-thinking training for your staff, it is not only a good thing to do for each person in the team, but also a decision that will drive higher ROI over the medium to long term.

A quick intro to our methodology

We apply our 'Marginal Accumulated Gains™️' (MAG's) approach within both our micro (individual) and macro (team) approaches.

By doing so, we amass a high volume of smaller gains (rather than targeting just large gains), which provides significant upside potential to performance and productivity levels.

Why would we want to use your services?

Real World Evidence That Wellbeing & Happiness Are A Driver Of Business Results

British employees lose 35.6 days per year of productive time due to health related absence and presenteeism [Britain’s Healthiest Workplace, 2018].

Ill mental health costs UK employers up to £42bn per year in absenteeism, presenteeism and lost revenue (before legal costs) [Deloitte Report, 2017].

1 in every 4 employees will have a mental health challenge at work. Stress can amplify these challenges [HSE.GOV.UK, 2019].

88% of job seekers actively consider the mental health policies of potential employers [Robert Walters Recruitment Consultancy].

Employee Engagement & Satisfaction Are Key Drivers Of Results

Why The Wellbeing Element Is So Crucial

The Millennial Factor

By the end of 2020, Millennials (those born between about 1980 and 2000) are forecast to comprise half of the workforce, and by 2025, 75 percent of the global workforce. 

They think and behave differently to previous generations. Adapting to these differences is a crucial element of leadership and driving results in an increasingly competitive business landscape. Here are some of their key wants and needs:

Headline Benefits

The depth of our 6P's Peak Performance & Wellbeing Coaching Framework™ creates a significant amount of benefits (more details can be found in our services brochure which is downloadable below). Here are a few of the core outcomes that we target:

1. Performance & Productivity Increase

The below table is based upon total annual staffing costs of the department.

How would a 10-30% increase in performance and productivity levels positively change your business? How about the financial impact?

Additionally, it can also lead to increased staff retention and reduce sickness rates, further improving financial results and creates a more solid operation in the process.

Additionally, it can also lead to increased staff retention and reduce sickness rates, further improving financial results and creates a more solid operation in the process.

As you can see from the table, there is a significant opportunity for you, your team, your business, to explore.Of course each person has a different level of potential and our aim is to maximise that potential. It’s important to note that this type of work is very much commitment dependent. So as you would expect, the more energy and effort put in, the more someone will get out.

“I’ve always believed that if you put in the work, the results will come. I don’t do things half-heartedly. Because I know if I do, then I can expect half-hearted results”. - Michael Jordan

Regardless of where you are on the total staff cost spectrum, we charge a small fraction of those numbers.

2. Develop A Healthy, Powerful Mindset (The Inner World)

3. Development Of Outer World Abilities

4. Improved Mental & Physical Wellbeing

5. Operational Processes Improvement & Profitability Growth

6. Strong Cultural Foundations, Improved Communication, Connection & Cohesion

This is NOT FOR people who want a magical solution to solve everything with minimal effort. Sorry, but anyone selling you that dream is full of it and in an era where the desire for instant gratification is the highest it’s ever been, it’s important to tell people the reality.

However, for those people who are willing to commit to the coaching journey, we know that those efforts will be heavily rewarded.

Dan has a great track record of getting results with his clients, via his unique '6P's Peak Performance & Wellbeing Coaching Framework™' and Enhanced Team Integration & Performance™ approach.

This pulls together decades of experience across multiple sectors (including finance, economics and business) to provide a powerful approach to helping people become the best they can be and building a mindset primed for both happiness, and success.

What is Peak Performance & Wellbeing Coaching™?

"Coaches" have long been part of the ELITE sporting world. In more recent times, mindset and performance experts have started to become part of that world, and also in the business world too.

This is because it has become very clear that a person's mindset, their psychology, plays an absolutely pivotal role in success. Peak performance coaches are skilled at enabling people to maximise their talent and their potential.

"Nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent" - Calvin Coolidge.
Persistence, determination, hard work, and our ability to maximise, are all crucial to whether we succeed or not.
We believe that over the next 10-20 years, the world will see a huge rise in people employing performance coaches into their teams across ALL professions, including business. Marginal Accumulated Gains (MAG's)  are a powerful weapon in becoming the best we can be.
This philosophy is why Team GB's cycling team soared from pretty average on the global stage, to a dominant powerhouse. Ronnie O Sullivan came back from a near career capitulation, to become one of the most successful snooker players ever, due to working with a mindset expert.

Applying our 6P's Peak Performance & Wellbeing Coaching Framework™ specifically to the corporate world.

There are decades of knowledge, strategies and experience from a combination of multiple disciplines all pulled together into this coaching framework, which make it a very powerful and unique solution:

Business, economics and finance (21 years)
Coaching and personal development (7 years)
Creative (marketing, sales & branding - 7 years)
Psychology (4 years)
There is no one size fits all solution. That’s why we have built a framework that is flexibly applied to each individual.

It is this approach that enables us to acknowledge the many nuances of each human being and best achieve our goal of racking up MAG’s (Marginal Accumulated Gains) to maximise BOTH short term and long term performance.
Psyche & Psychological Wellbeing

* Mindset is crucial to performance and is why this section is so large. We deem it to be the most important part of the framework.

* Work to master the internal world (psychology), making our efforts in the external world much more effective.

* The internal world is where things such as beliefs (both positive/empowering and negative/limiting), emotions, feelings, habits and patterns are created and stored. Confidence also comes from here.

* Includes sub-frameworks:

M.P.H Mindset Builder™

N.I.P Recharge Methods™

* Rewire what you believe to be possible for you and give you the tools to access much more of your potential.

* Breakthrough fears and limiting beliefs that hold you back.

* Learn techniques to rewire and unlock the subconscious mind, the part of your brain that is 1 MILLION times more powerful a processor than your conscious mind.

* Instil habits that are designed to build incredibly strong foundations

* Grow your confidence and self-belief to amazing new levels, building from a place of strength and happiness.

* Be able to access the right physical and mental states whenever you need, which dramatically improves results.

* Develop your mental resiliency and be able to deal with challenges much more effectively.

* Develop your self-awareness skills. Whilst it doesn't sound overly sexy, this really is one of THE biggest abilities humans can learn and grow.

* Learn methods on how to improve your mental wellbeing.

* Look after your mind in such a way that enables you to achieve high performance levels over the LONG TERM (so many people burnout due to focusing only on the short term).

* Develop your EQ (emotional intelligence), a highly valuable and powerful skillset.

* Learn how to make happiness the centrepiece of your life which will consequently help you constantly grow, evolve and achieve at a much higher level.

* Become incredibly resourceful. Resourcefulness is the ultimate resource.

* Live in happy, passionate and fulfilled state much more often.


* We implement tools and strategies that enable us to gain clarity on the journey ahead, and laser focus on what needs to be done.

* Gain absolute clarity on what it is you want and why you want it.

* Build out strategies on how to achieve what you want in a fun, exciting and passionate way.

* Create a customised roadmap to your desired future outcomes, including reverse engineering your targets and determining what's needed to get there.

  • Includes sub-frameworks:

R.A.F Clarity Model™

FO.M.CA.P Pre-Execution Process™

R.O.S.E.S Success Roadmap™

* Clarity on your core needs, values and drivers as a human being, and how to make decisions and take action in line with these.

* This leads to better quality decisions and more effective actions by the individual, as there are no internal conflicts or incongruences.

Performance & Productivity

* The ‘real world’ tools and strategies that we teach and integrate into people’s lives to greatly increase performance levels across the team.

* Learn how to most effectively allocate precious resources - money, time and energy - to achieve the best RORI™ (return on resources invested™) from both a financial aspect and a happiness and fulfilment aspect.

* Make every minute of time stretch further and be more effective.

* Implement tools to enable access to incredible motivation, passion and drive.

* Effectively manage unhelpful people ("stoppers") in your life, ensuring they don't derail from your vision.

* PLANNING of strategies in each of the "Diamond Pillars" of the business (where applicable) of 1) Products; 2) Operations; 3) Marketing; 4) Sales.

* Includes sub-frameworks:

The Zonal Productivity System™

The S.W.A.N Performance Method™

M.A.S.S.-T Results Framework™

P.O.M.B.S Diamond Pillars™ Planning

Physical Wellbeing

* The mind is our CPU (central processing unit) and our physical body is what carries out the tasks assigned by the CPU.

* By creating a healthy body, our energy levels, our resiliency, our strength, are all higher.

* The mind-body connection is a powerful thing and by combining a  strong mind with a strong body it gives us an incredible platform to operate and perform at our best in the world more consistently.

  • Includes sub-framework:

The P.E.A.R.S Health Framework™

* Learn about the psychology of exercise and nutrition, and how to apply this to positively impact your life and results.

* Master your mindset regarding health and fitness.

* Breakthrough destructive health habits.

* Use psychology to create motivation and drive, in order and hit your physical health targets.

* Grow your self awareness around what your body needs to thrive and then create a personalised nutritional plan around it.

* Build a personalised exercise routine, that is designed both to be enjoyable and get you a strong body and achieve cardiovascular fitness, giving you a solid physical foundation to build your life and business around.

* Instil powerful sleep and recharge habits into your life.

* Create an improved quality of life along with higher chances of increased longevity of your life.

* Have higher energy levels.

* Achieve greater focus and improve your productivity.

* Increase your confidence as your body image changes.


* Here we devise short, medium and long term strategies around achieving financial goals.

* Like all the 6P categories, it is flexibly applied to each individual to ensure we factor the nuances of their unique set of circumstances.

* Includes sub-frameworks:

M.A.M.M.S Wealth Builder Tool™

The C.R.A.B.B Accumulator™

P.O.M.B.S Diamond Pillars™ Execution

* We look at the practical side of finances as well as the all important psychological side too, which ensures a well-rounded approach to what can be a complex and tricky topic at times.

* Learn the Wealth Builder system which enables you to effectively manage your money and build your finances over the long term.

* Implement 'The Diamond Pillars Of Your Business' strategy:

* Understand the various “money personalities”, which one you are and how to change it to ensure you are maximising.

* Build empowering beliefs around money and your financial blueprint.

* Understand different investment vehicles and how to achieve your financial goals with them.

* Learn which passive income vehicles are real and which ones are B.S.

* Create and implement a game plan to firstly achieve financial security and then financial freedom (if not there already).

* Learn how to increase your intrinsic value.


* Relationships (of all kinds) are an important part of life, and by creating a network of good ones, we increase our ability to achieve our professional and personal goals.

* We work together to integrate the tools to develop skill levels which lead to improved performance in this area.

* Includes sub-framework:

The B.A.R.S Relationship Builder™

  • By expanding our interpersonal skills we can maximise our relationships to benefit all parties.
  • Physiology, state, rapport, beliefs and self-awareness all play key roles.

* "Your network equals your net worth". Learn how to improve your interpersonal skills to maximise your relationships and ensure you are a net giver (not a taker).

* Develop the types of strong rapport building skills that the most advanced networkers in the world possess.

* How to effectively grow your network in an authentic and enjoyable way.

* Learn how to master eye contact and your body language.

* Discover the various personality types and how best to communicate with each.

* Learn about the Personal Environment Triangle and how to implement in your life.

The Process Overview - Individual Approach

Where desired, we can also apply additional methodologies at the macro (team) level, to help bring the department together in greater alignment. This is our Enhanced Team Integration & Performance™ service.

This part of the process aids in developing:
1. Cohesiveness;
2. Genuine care and consideration;
3. Trust;
4. Connection;
5. Communication.

All of which foster a whole other dimension of performance and productivity, as well as quality or work life, feeding into greater wellbeing, and ultimately, business results.

The Process Overview - Team Approach

Peak Performance Coaching - What's the opportunity?  

"Land grabs" have happened throughout history. Whether it was purchasing property or land in areas before they soar in value, or the "land grab" for people's attention across social media platforms, or something else - early movers gain a considerable percentage of the overall upside.

With Peak Performance & Wellbeing Coaching™, at some point the masses will learn about the immense power of it, and again like the above, it's much better to get involved early in order to maximise the opportunity.
By being a relative early adopter of Peak Performance & Wellbeing Coaching™, it can enable people to get the absolute most from themselves, importantly over the long run (this is why the "wellbeing" part plays an important role), and develop accumulated marginal gains in their careers and their lives, which will help give them a strong advantage.

Over the next 10-20 years time when nearly everybody has a performance coach, the size of the opportunity, much like with the "land grab" on social media, will diminish. At that point, people will need a coach just to stay in touch with their competition or face being left behind.

Does this 100% guarantee success? Of course not, nothing does, as there are many variables that determine outcomes. But what we can promise you is that our clients learn how access more of their potential by accessing their peak performance levels much more frequently over the long run. This of course increases their chances of success.

About Dan

Before he started the coaching company, he had a successful career in finance where he had roles including Risk Manager, Investment Analyst, and Portfolio Manager with assets under management of $500m.

Dan has been fascinated by the concept of maximising human potential for not far off a decade, largely because time is THE most precious commodity and the odds of being alive are estimated to be at 420 TRILLION to one. Learning and teaching ways to make the absolute most of our opportunities, was something that resonated at a core level.

In the latter part of those finance days, Dan knew that he wanted to change paths to focus on something that helped others in a profound way. He realised that combining his love of business, finance, personal development and maximising potential was possible, all under one umbrella. Peak Performance & Wellbeing Coaching™ was born.

Dan has a great track record of getting results with his clients, which include 8-figure businesses, all the way through to startups via his 6P's Coaching Framework™ and Enhanced Team Integration & Performance™ service.  These frameworks pulls together decades of knowledge and experience across multiple sectors:

Business, economics, investment analysis and finance (21 years)
Coaching and personal development (7 years)
Creative (marketing, sales & branding - 7 years)
Psychology (4 years)

This provides a powerful and unique approach to helping people become the best they can be and building a mindset primed for both success, and happiness, which in turn, drives business results.

Some final thoughts...

To achieve significant results in anything, we have to be TRULY COMMITTED (even when it’s hard and inconvenient), not just INTERESTED (when it’s easy and suits us).

There are no guarantees to success in life. However we can improve our chances of succeeding by maximising our potential via hard work, commitment, and building a powerful mindset.

To be happy, we must love what we do, be appreciative of the fact that we even have a shot to make our dreams a reality (previous generations didn't have this chance), and enjoy the PROCESS of achieving our goals (not just enjoying life once we reach those goals).

Think about this: Movies would be boring if the characters all had what they wanted right at the start, with no story, no journey to embark on. Similarly, we wouldn’t want all the food we’re ever going to eat in our lives right in this moment. The same is true for achieving our desires…it would be overwhelming and then boring and dull to have it all at once, without any journey. STORIES are what give any achievement MEANING.

In addition to this, what we desire is always growing and evolving, thus we’re never finished with the manifestation process…therefore if you don’t enjoy the journey then you will never be happy or satisfied, regardless of the things you achieve, do and have.
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