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By Dan Gayle
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What we do - 3 core areas

The Power of Coaching

Our mission is to help people to not merely 'get through' life, but to absolutely thrive in the areas most important to them.

With Dan's proven 6P's Peak Performance & Wellbeing Coaching™️ programs, a powerful personal transformation awaits that lead to a happier, more confident, empowered and fulfilled future.

What we do

1. Business Coaching

We focus on two distinctive areas:

1) Helping people new to the business world, set up their initial infrastructure and build the type of mindset required to succeed and be happy.

2) Helping people improve their existing businesses via the 4 core areas of product/services, operations, marketing & branding, sales. Importantly, in addition to this, we focus heavily on developing the mindset of clients to the level needed to succeed in business and teach them how to execute at very high levels.

The 6P's Peak Performance & Wellbeing Coaching Framework™️ combines with the business specific parts of our syllabus to give our clients a powerful platform to achieve inner and outer world success.

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2. DJ's & Producer Coaching

Helping DJ's, producers and other creative professionals not only effectively manage their mental and physical wellbeing, but also increasing their productivity, organisation, creative flow and execution. These all combine to create better results.

Whether you realise it or not, if you are a serious artist (or want to be) you are actually running (or need to run) a business where you are one of the main assets. The experience we have from our Business Coaching Framework, will also be incorporated into the process when we work together. Whatever your goals, we can get you there more efficiently, whilst importantly, being mentally and physically healthy, and enjoying your building and creation phase.

Our 6P’s Peak Performance & Wellbeing Coaching Framework™️ comes complete with all the core teaching as well as many additional modules specifically for this niche. The program is not only designed to create amazing mental and physical wellbeing for students, but also teaches them how to access their peak performance, which equips them to achieve success in both their music and creative endeavours, as well as their personal ambitions too.

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3. Don't See What You Need Here? Please Read Below

We review each person's situation on a case by case basis in order to determine whether we believe we can get the clients the results they're after. This is an important part of our process as we truly want to make huge impacts in people's lives and so having clarity from the outset ensures we don't waste our time or your money.

What people are capable of is pretty extraordinary, however in the majority of cases what people actually achieve is well below that. This is where Peak Performance & Wellbeing Coaching™️ comes in. If being, doing, having and giving (contributing) more isn't something you need as you feel you've got everything you want from life then great. Some people are truly happy with how things are and that is fantastic for them. However if you feel like you want more from your life than you're currently getting, then our Peak Performance & Wellbeing solutions may be what you're searching for.

Please get in touch to arrange a free 45 minute phone coaching consultation so we can discover together, whether we have the solutions you need.

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Some client transformations

We absolutely love helping people be, do, have and contribute more with their amazing opportunity of life.
Here are a few snippets from previous clients who we had the honour of working with to get better results.

Richard, u.K.

"After the first 6 months my life had completely changed. My close friends noticed a huge difference in me after just a few months with Dan and a year later I feel unrecognisable."

5 of 5 stars
Matt, U.K.

"Dan had an immediate impact on my personal and professional life.  
I worked with Dan for 6 months. I felt the process offered tremendous value for money and Dan is as committed to your journey as you are individually."

5 of 5 stars
Jude, u.k.

Huge achievements from a complete loss of self and confidence to guiding me through finding my true purpose and reason for being here. I hardly recognise the person I was when I started coaching with Dan."

5 of 5 stars
Simon, u.k.

Three words I’d use to describe Dan are productive, motivational and inspiring. A very special thanks to Dan for all his time and efforts. I’d absolutely recommend him, he is passionate about his job and helping others.”

5 of 5 stars
Colleen, U.K.

I have worked to sustain and grow my current business, I'm studying and also looking to launch a second business. I would definitely recommend Dan. Investing in yourself is one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself and is surprising to others around you. Dan will help you see what you maybe at the moment can't"

5 of 5 stars
fiona, u.k.

He created a confidence in me that anything was possible. I felt that Dan was able to develop an individualised plan for me which has really worked and I can now look forward to a brighter future. I was completely undecided about exploring personal development through a life coach. 6 months on a huge transformation has taken place."

5 of 5 stars

If you have one (or some), we will personally respond to every message as soon as possible.

Whatever you need, no matter how big or small, we're here for you.


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